Mazzi beats Barber in free-throw shootout

By Lenny C. Lepola

January 22, 2014

Mazzi beats Barber in free-throw shootout

OK, so it wasn’t as dramatic as the shootout at the OK Corral – or maybe it was; but there was a shootout of sorts during last Tuesday evening’s girls varsity basketball game against visiting Marion Harding.

At halftime Marion City Schools Superintendent Gary Barber and Big Walnut Local School District Superintendent Steve Mazzi stepped up to the line — the free throw line, that is — for a ten-shot free-throw challenge.

Barber is not unknown to the Big Walnut home crowd. He took the helm at Marion this school year; but before accepting the Marion City Schools position Barber had served as Big Walnut’s Assistant Superintendent. He also served for several years as the Big Walnut High School Principal.

Barber had some court experience in his younger days, Mazzi was more of a track and field man – a hurdler; but both Barber and Mazzi were expected to be a bit rusty with a basketball in hand because of the more sedentary demands of their day jobs.

They did better than expected … Barber shot 60 percent at the free throw line; Mazzi shot 70 percent.

There would have been no point in having a free-throw shootout without a little something on the line. Right? Right. So Mazzi and Barber agreed that the loser would wear a shirt with the logo of the winner’s school district at work the following day.

Barber likely looked pretty spiffy walking the halls wearing a Big Walnut polo shirt at the Marion City Schools Administration Building on Wednesday.

Go Eagles.