Genoa Township’s responds to road salt shortage

January 29, 2014

Genoa Township’s Response to Salt Shortage

As the British say, take everything with a stiff upper lip and a grain of salt. But what if salt is in short supply? That’s what’s been happening in Central Ohio, said Genoa Township Administrator Paul Wise – salt for roadways is in short supply, and the only thing to do is use salt sparingly, and of course, keep a stiff upper lip.

“Genoa Township and other local jurisdictions are currently very low on salt supplies,” Wise said during last Thursday evening’s Genoa Township Board of Trustee meeting. “There have been multiple factors that have held up shipments — extremely cold weather, ice on the Ohio River, strong currents due to the high water and a barge accident on the river that stopped all river traffic. We will be feeling the effects of those events for weeks to come.”

Wise said the township has 75 tons of salt in its bins, and 60 tons loaded in township trucks. There was another 75 tons scheduled for delivery Friday afternoon.

“The township pre-treats our streets with a salt brine and beet juice blend that saves on the amounts of salt applied to our streets,” Wise said in explaining how the township would conserve road salt. “With salt supplies this low, Genoa Township will be taking several actions to conserve the small amount of road salt in stock in case we don’t have any more deliveries soon.”

Wise said Genoa Township street crews would: 1) Pre-treat all township roads with salt brine mixed with the beet juice in order to melt snow and ice at lower temperatures; 2) When the snow starts falling crews would stop the brining process and only salt the main streets; 3) After the snow stops crews will brine over the snow-covered untreated roads; and 4) Crews will plow other roads without using salt.

“We are asking Genoa Township residents to please be patient with our road maintenance department during this temporary salt shortage,” Wise added. “They will be working hard to keep you and your family safe on our roads.”