Mayor Hatfield’s statement read to council meeting visitors

March 26, 2014

Mayor Hatfield’s statement read to council meeting visitors

The following statement was read by Sunbury Mayor Tommy Hatfield immediately preceding the visitor’s section of last Wednesday (March 19) evening’s Sunbury Village Council meeting. Visitors were in chambers to respond to rumors that the village would annex acreage west of the village. Hatfield explained that the village had not filed to annex the land; the property owners had filed a petition for an Expedited Type II Annexation. On council’s agenda was a statutory resolution required by Ohio Revised Code, Resolution 2014-05, formally declaring village services available if the Delaware County Commissioners approve the annexation request.

Before we begin the visitor’s section I would like to say a few words of clarification regarding Resolution 2014-05.

This resolution is related to an annexation petition filed on behalf of the property owners Geraldine Elder Dye, Domigan Walker, LLC, and Kirk’s Creek Investments, LLC, requesting annexation of 128.285 acres of land to the Village of Sunbury.

This annexation petition was filed with the Delaware County Board of County Commissioners on March 5, 2014.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 709.023(C), the Village of Sunbury is required within 20 days of the filing of this annexation petition to enact what is known as a “services resolution”.

A services resolution sets forth what municipal services would be available to the property if the annexation is ultimately approved. The services resolution does not approve the annexation. The services resolution does not even address the merits to the annexation. The merits of an annexation petition of this type that complies with the Ohio law can only be considered by Sunbury Village officials after approval by the Delaware County Board of Commissioners.

Assuming the County Commissioners approve it, subsequent legislation by the Village of Sunbury approving or disapproving the annexation cannot be introduced for a minimum of 60 days.

I say this to explain why the discussion tonight by Sunbury Village officials likely will not address some visitors’ concerns regarding this ordinance. Assuming this annexation comes back to the Village of Sunbury pursuant to the statutory procedures outlined above, a full discussion of any pros and cons of this annexation will occur at that time.