Twenty-five teams participate in annual Lehman Volleyball Tournament

July 24, 2014

The 15th Annual Corey Lehman Memorial Scholarship Fund Volleyball Tournament, held each year on Independence Day at Big Walnut High School in memory of Corey Lehman and Steve Morgenstern and in honor of Erin Smith, took place in near perfect weather.

The tournament opened with Christine Livingston announcing. Livingston was a high school classmate and friend to Corey and Steve. The four recipients of this year’s $1,500 scholarships — Brooke Hatfield, Leah Shaw, Grant Burks and Joel Windle — were also recognized.

Janet Lehman said during the 15 years of the tournament $26,000 in scholarship money has been awarded to Big Walnut senior scholar athletes.

Of the 25 participating teams this year, eight teams were in the Recreational Division, ten teams were in BB, and seven teams in Open.

Kohl’s fielded two teams to help raise money for the scholarship fund, and Sunbury Chiropractic Center donated bottled water for participants.

“A big thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered to help in this years 15th Annual Volleyball Tourney,” Lehman said. “The Corey Lehman Memorial Scholarship Fund committee is so thankful to everyone’s support and contributions.”