Sheets inducted into Educators Hall of Fame

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On July 2, 2017, Peggy Sheets was inducted into the Upper Arlington Educators Hall of Fame. Her son Mick and granddaughter Emily Sheets from Wichita, KS. were on hand to share in the honors.

Peggy earned her Bachelor’s degree summa cum laude from The Ohio State University, and continued her education there to earn he Master’s degree in Botany.

She began her teaching career at Mifflin High School in the Columbus City school district. After the birth of her second child, she was a student teacher advisor at Otterbein College.

In 1977, Peggy began teaching at Upper Arlington High School, where she taught chemistry. She later became chairman of the Science Department.

Peggy initiated the Honors Science Program at UAHS, which was an unusually innovative and advanced program of study. Many of her students achieved recognition on the national and international levels, participating in international science fairs. Some students even secured patents on inventions and/or processes that they developed while in her program.

The Honors Science Program allowed students to engage in independent projects that afforded them the opportunity to work directly with doctors and researchers at hospitals, conducting heart and cancer research. The students also worked closely with scientists and researchers at Battelle. The Honors Science Program elevated Upper Arlington High School’s status within the academic community and made it on of the finest and most advanced high schools in the country in the area of science.

Peggy was also an innovator in the area of curriculum development, and her ideas were often adopted by other districts on the state and national levels.

Peggy retired from teaching in 2004.

Raised the middle of three girls in the Williamsport area, Peggy had already met Max Sheets from a neighboring community but when she was in college they had a chance encounter under a shared umbrella during a downpour. This led to courtship, marriage and a life together on Dent Road. They have two sons and four grandchildren. Michael and Pam are the parents of Emily and Alex. Ken and Suzie of Fort Wayne are the parents of Joshua Phillip.

In addition to many years singing in the church choir, Peggy has served 5 terms as ruling Elder in the Condit Presbyterian Church at 15102 Hartford Road east of Sunbury. She served many terms as Treasurer for the church. Her son Mick and grandson Alex are both serving as Elders today.


Staff Report