A Tiny Town with Tasty Treats

Nikki Rhoades - Cleveland staff writer, Only in Your State.

Olmsted Falls

Olmsted Falls

Northeast Ohioans are fortunate to have a vibrant foodie scene. From Cleveland to its suburbs, and spanning all the quaint towns in between, is a cornucopia of eateries waiting to be discovered. In a world where chain restaurants dominate the food industry, nothing is as coveted as a small-town Mom & Pop restaurant with homemade meals. Fortunately for foodies, one quaint community near Cleveland has a mouthwatering variety of meals waiting to pamper your palate. This charming town is also a feast for the eyes, as its scenery is purely stunning. Located less than a half hour from downtown, there’s no excuse not to visit to this charming suburb.

Welcome to the historic and scenic suburb of Olmsted Falls.

This charming community of about 9,000 in Cuyahoga County is a true hidden gem. Each autumn, its surrounding landscape warms up visitors with bright colors. And, as you can imagine, it becomes a splendid winter wonderland as the seasons change.

You won’t believe the foodie scene that exists in this tiny community.

Matteo’s Casual Italian, located at 8072 Columbia Road. Their pizzas are truly to die for, and are served up in a warm milieu packed with friendly staff and delightful aromas.

Like every great foodie scene, Olmsted Falls has a sweet side.

Did I mention the mouthwatering baked goods at Matteo’s Casual Italian?

Cheers to small town charm!

Bistro Du Beaujolais, a lovely setting found at 8134 Columbia Road, serves up what might just be the most deliciously authentic French cuisine in Greater Cleveland. The glamorous atmosphere complements the old fashioned warmth of Cleveland’s most picturesque suburb.

For those who like to pick and pair flavors, meals at Bistro Du Beaujolais pair perfectly with a variety of wines.

Beautifully crafted entrees and an incredible wine list make this quaint bistro a must-see destination. Its charming grounds exude class, and its menu features five-star variety that won’t break the bank.

Fans of classic comfort foods will discover loads to love at destinations like Moosehead Hoof & Ladder.

One of the most beloved locals haunts, Moosehead Hoof & Ladder specializes in serving up the tastiest burgers in town.

Pub food is cooked to perfection, delighting locals and visitors alike.

Located at 7989 Columbia Road near the spectacular Rocky River, Moosehead Hoof & Ladder is warm, welcoming, and the perfect place for a burger and a beer.

It is truly inexplicable how well comfort food pairs with a friendly Midwestern town atmosphere.

Angelina’s Pizza, located at 8155 Columbia Road, knows this mild-mannered community is exploding with flavorful experiences. They have been serving Northeast Ohio since 1994 and make a delightful addition to this small town.

Each restaurant in the area has its own personality.

Clementine’s, an inviting red gem found at 8092 Columbia Road, is an interesting contrast to other local favorites. Olmsted Falls is the perfect community to host its Victorian tea room, which offers the coziest space to warm up this season.

The best part of small town exploration is undoubtedly the friendly faces you encounter along the way.

There must be something in that suburban water, because everybody in this community is just so nice. Delicacies are made sweeter when they’re served up with a smile, and nobody knows service like Olmsted Falls natives.

Whether you’re an adventurous eater or prefer to stick with the classics, there is something sweet waiting for you in Olmsted Falls.

Swing by a dessert-centric eatery like Kool Berry Frozen Treats, tucked away at 8131 Columbia Road, for an unforgettably delicious delicacy.

If you’re especially adventurous, grab a pizza or pack a picnic and go and take in the natural wonders of Northeast Ohio.

On warm days, one could go on an eco-adventure by seeking out some of the loveliest sites in Olmsted Falls. Fortier Park features scenic waterfalls that will take your breath away, and other local parks provide meditative escapes from the bustling streets of Cleveland.

Whether you are looking for casual dining or a romantic environment where you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine, there is something in this picturesque place for you.

So when you find some time to break away, you must explore the flavors of one Cleveland’s most beloved communities.

The gorgeous community of Olmsted Falls is an underrated suburb hiding a delicious secret in the form of unforgettable eateries. What other small towns nearby have an incredible foodie scene? Tell us about some of your favorite local restaurants in the comments!

Looking to experience the natural side of Olmsted Falls? Take a trip into this fall foliage wonderland!

Olmsted Falls
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Nikki Rhoades

Cleveland staff writer, Only in Your State.