Ace is new K9 for Sunbury PD

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Please welcome Ace! The newest addition to the Sunbury Police Department! Ace is a Belgian Malinois and is a year old. He is being trained in Narcotics and Tracking. Officer Mead will be the Sunbury Police K9 officer.

State Route 3 Updates

SR 3 UPDATES: Recently Ordinance 2017.22 was ratified by Sunbury Village Council after 3 readings to reduce the speed limit from 55 to 50 mph within the Municipal limits of the Village of Sunbury due to increased traffic. In addition, by the end of this year, an additional traffic light will be installed at SR 3 & Sunbury Meadows. Both of these measures are put into place for the safety of the residents of Sunbury traveling this busy road.

Sunbury Village Staff

Administrative Team & Council Members:

Tommy Hatfield, Mayor


9 East Granville Street

PO Box 508

Sunbury, OH 43074

Allen Rothermel, Administrator

Office: 740-965-2684 Fax 740-965-9633


Kathy Belcher — Fiscal Officer:

Rhonda Mourne – Planning/Zoning/Parks& Rec/Cemetery:

Susan Jordan – Utilities/AP:

Kathy Hixon — Mayor’s Court:

June Rhodes-Diehl – Social Media/Reservations:

Brad Gerwig — Street Supervisor:

Dale Wampler – Wastewater Supervisor:

Len Weatherby:

Tom Zalewski:

David Miller:

Scott Weatherby:

Joe Gochenour:

Tim Gose:

Sunbury Police Department

Our department covers 3.5 square miles. Officers are equipped with Getac F110 tablets in each vehicle for reporting, license plate checks, warrant checks, etc. from the field, making each cruiser a virtual office on wheels.

In addition, each officer is equipped with a body camera which is so important these days for documentation purposes. Body cameras document everything from encounters with witnesses, suspects, and victims, to the crime scene, interviews, interrogations, and even arrests — making cases that are typically difficult to prosecute, more provable.

Year to date, our police department has issued 242 citations ranging from speeding and lack of illumination of a rear license plate to OVI and drug possession. If you need to contact Sunbury Police Department please call Dispatch at 740-965-1411.

Our department is a great representation of Sunbury. Not only do they put their safety on the line every day, their compassionate side shines through. From rescuing lost dogs and returning them to the rightful owner, to helping a local boy read and offer companionship when bullied, to calling children services from another state and making sure that a runaway is returned safely, our police department is one to be proud of and thank for their services. They are truly appreciated.

Sunbury Police Department

We have 9 full-time and 5 part-time police that keep our streets safe 24/7. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you. They are:

Chief Rob Howard

Officer David Convy

Officer Jeff Brooks

Sergeant Steve Alexander

Officer Bill Foley

Officer Jacob Fields

Officer Mark Mead

Officer Matt Bowman

Officer Alison Castrilla

Sgt. Craig Landis

Officer Keith Brown

Officer Deon Rosenberger

Sgt. Chris Meacham

Officer Todd Ekleberry

2017 Sunbury Financial Expenditures

Our last newsletter showcased our annual expenditures by department. This edition shows our Village Debt Service. Of our total outstanding debt of $8,259,121.00 as of 1/1/17, 73% ($5,994,708.00) is attributable to the Village Waste Water Treatment Plant, 7% ($600,000) Land Improvements, 6% ($468,333) Street Improvements, 12% ($970,000) Development Bonds, and 2% ($190,600) Parks and Cemetery Land and Improvements. When you consider this $8,259,121 in debt service represents 1% of our total tax valuation of $868,646,685, we fall well within the acceptable limit set by the State of 5.5% without voter approval. For more information on the Village of Sunbury’s finances, go to the web site sponsored by the Ohio Treasurer’s Office, OHIOCHECKBOOK.COM for a breakdown of all Village expenditures.

Improved interchange at I-71 & routes 36/37 & proposed Sunbury Parkway

The existing diamond interchange at I-71 and US 36/SR 37 was constructed over 40 years ago and is the only interstate access in the central and northern part of Delaware County. Over 30,000 vehicles use the interchange each day to enter or exit I-71. Queuing on the exit ramps at the interchange routinely extends onto the freeway mainline, causing operational and safety concerns. Stopped traffic on I-71 northbound during the afternoon peak hour is a near-daily occurrence as traffic waits to exit onto US 36/SR 37. Unfortunately, the resulting increase in traffic is crippling the potential for future growth.

Dog Ordinance update

Following an April meeting that drew more 75 residents, Village Council will no longer enforce its vicious-dog ordinance from 1991 that banned pit bulls. It will also be removed from the books.

A group called Breed Neutral for Sunbury opposed the ordinance, and a similar ordinance in Reynoldsburg was struck down by the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Licking County. “Under Ohio law, Ohio residents may keep or own any dog they choose,” the ruling read.


Sunbury News Staff Report