Finding an Internship

By The Woltemade Center - Special to The Sunbury News

Build your connections to the professional world with internships from New York museums, to the Mayo Clinic, to San Francisco investment firms.

No matter what your interest or major, there’s likely a valuable internship for you through The OWU Connection.

We offer major programs like New York Arts and Wesleyan in Washington as well as individual internships through our web of prominent alumni.

We will work with you to provide options that match your skills and interests to the right workplace, locally, nationally, or internationally. Interns serve different functions in different settings, and what you bring to the table will be as important as what you’ll take away.

Ohio Wesleyan students have interned in countless governmental agencies, private sector business and legal firms, nonprofit advocacy organizations, medical/scientific research facilities, media outlets, and think tanks.

Some of our students have graced the halls of Congress and the White House. We’ve also placed students with the Smithsonian, World Bank, United Nations, Kennedy Center, NASA, National Institutes of Health, The Nature Conservancy, NAACP, NOW, American Enterprise Institute, AARP, Amnesty International, and many more.

Internship experience is an important rung on the ladder to meaningful employment or to more advanced study.

New York Arts Program

Spend an exciting semester in the art capital of the world. You’ll have an on-the-job experience with NYC professionals in various artistic fields. If you’re in an arts-related major, you can gain experience to put your major to work in the real world.

Recently, OWU students have interned with the New York Shakespeare Festival, Dance Magazine, Broadway productions, sci-fi and fantasy book publisher DAW Books, the Strasburg Institute for acting, and with artists and other arts organizations.

Wesleyan in Washington

The Wesleyan in Washington Program is an intensive, full-time internship experience. The program builds on your classroom study by matching you with an internship that reflects your interests and professional goals. We want you to have not only an important internship, but also a broad and meaningful Washington experience.

Wesleyan in Washington is designed to open doors to the Washington, D.C., policy community in ways that are unique and will contribute to your immediate educational growth and long-term professional success, whether in the public or private sector. We help arrange for your participation in a multitude of Washington, D.C., activities that allow you to take full advantage of being in the city.

Philadelphia Center

The Philadelphia Center offers you the opportunity to thrive through experiential education. Each term we help students secure professional, accredited internships and independent housing throughout Philadelphia.

Students explore career paths through real-world applications and rigorous, seminar-style courses. You will gain independence while learning in a safe and supportive environment. You could leave Philadelphia with a strong sense of your social and professional aspirations and a plan for your future.

By The Woltemade Center

Special to The Sunbury News

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61 S. Sandusky St. Delaware, OH 43015. Call 800-922-8953 or 740-368-3314