Meijer Chefs Offer Tips on Using Plant Protein Powders in Recipes

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The trick is balance; Nutrition Buyers offer list of plant proteins to try

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – After weeks of indulging during the holidays, many Americans regard January as the month to get back to the basics by adopting healthier eating regimens. According to the Meijer nutrition buyers, one area on the rise is the consumption of plant protein powders.

The adoption of plant-based protein powders continues to grow as opposed to traditionally dairy-based powders, such as whey or casein, due to the rise in lactose intolerance or sensitivity to dairy proteins. If you are looking to adopt a more plant-based diet or starting a new eating plan, adding a plant protein powder as a supplement or a meal-replacement is a convenient alternative that may help you stay on track.

Smoothies are still the most common way to use protein powders. The Meijer chefs that oversee the Retailer’s fresh deli and meal selections, offer an easy recipe to start your day.

Iced coffee smoothie

In a blender, add 1 cup of cold brew coffee, 1 scoop of plant protein powder, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, ½ of a banana and 2 tbsp sugar free syrup (any flavor). Blend on high and pour over ice. Recipe may vary, add or subtract liquid to give a rich-thick consistency.

In recent years, protein powders have also made their way into baked good recipes, like cookies or brownies, as an attempt to add a little nutrition or to make them more filling so you eat less of them. According to the Meijer chefs, the trick is not to add too much protein powder and to add moisture because the powders can make baked goods a little tough. Meijer chefs suggest instead of taking your favorite recipe and adding a protein powder, finding a recipe that includes a plant protein powder and stick to the exact ingredients.

Plant protein powders also make good energy bites since making your own protein bars can get expensive. Making energy bites is a cost-effective alternative that uses minimal ingredients.

Because the category of plant-based proteins continues to grow, the Meijer nutrition team offer their top three picks to try:

· Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein. This plant-based protein is low in sugar, USDA Certified Organic, is soy free and contains no GMOs. The product offers 30g of protein, which is equal to or better than many whey protein products, and 5g of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that helps in muscle recovery after workouts. This product is also NSF certified and approved by Informed

· Vega Clean Protein Powder, BCAAs plus Glutamine. This plant-based protein powder is also low in sugar, non-GMO and soy free. The product offers 25g of protein and 4g of BCAAs. It also blends well and tastes good especially when mixed with almond milk.

· Plant Fusion Plant Protein. Because this product is unflavored you can easily add it to any kind of smoothie without affecting the taste. This powder offers 21g of protein, 4,500mg of BCAAs, is non-GMO, low in sugar, and soy free.

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Sunbury News Staff Report