HUD awards over $95.8 million to Ohio homeless programs

Sunbury News Staff Report

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded over $95.8 million to support 316 homeless housing and service programs in Ohio. The Continuum of Care grants announced today provide critically needed housing and support services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness across the state. View a complete list of all the state and local homeless projects awarded funding.

The HUD funding announced is part of a record $2 billion being awarded to more than 7,300 local housing and service programs nationwide.

“HUD stands with our local partners who are working each and every day to house and serve our most vulnerable neighbors,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson. “We know how to end homelessness and it starts with embracing a housing-first approach that relies upon proven strategies that offer permanent housing solutions to those who may otherwise be living in our shelters and on our streets.”

This funding is critical in our efforts to end homelessness across Ohio as we know it,” said HUD Midwest Regional Administrator, Joseph P. Galvan. “Rapid rehousing ensures that homelessness is a brief, rare and non-recurring event for individuals and families.”

This year, HUD is continuing to challenge state and local planners to support higher performing local programs that have proven most effective in meeting their local challenges, often shifting funds from existing projects to create new ones that will have a more substantial and lasting impact on reducing homelessness.

Last month, HUD reported homelessness crept up in the U.S., especially among individuals experiencing long-term chronic homelessness. HUD’s 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress found that 553,742 persons experienced homelessness on a single night in 2017, an increase of .7 percent since last year. Homelessness among families with children declined 5.4 percent nationwide since 2016, local communities report the number of persons experiencing long-term chronic homelessness and Veterans increased. HUD’s 2017 homeless estimate points to a significant increase in the number of reported persons experiencing unsheltered homelessness, particularly in California and other high-cost rental markets experiencing a significant shortage of affordable housing.

HUD estimates there were 553,742 persons experiencing homelessness on a single night nationally in 2017, and increase of .7 percent since last year. In addition, Veteran homelessness increased by 1.5 percent, chronic homelessness increased by 12.2 percent and family homelessness declined by 5.4 percent.

Across the nation, local homelessness planning agencies called ‘Continuums of Care’ will organize volunteers to help count the number of persons located in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs and living unsheltered on the streets. These Continuums of Care will report these one-night ‘point-in-time counts’ later in the year and will form the basis of HUD’s 2018 national homeless estimate.

OH-500 Cincinnati/Hamilton County CoC, BHS Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $361,533

BHS Rapid Rehousing 1, CoCR, $770,054

BHS Rapid Rehousing 2, CoCR, $320,656

BHS Rapid Rehousing 3 for Families, CoCR, $242,196

BHS Rapid Rehousing 4, CoC, $364,390

Caracole PSH, CoCR, $704,719

CILO Permanent Housing Program, CoCR, $493,853

Coordinated Entry, CoCR, $136,711

Excel PSH Consolidation, CoCR, $3,462,640

Family Housing Partnership, CoCR, $322,568

FY 2017 CoC Planning, CoC, $497,427

FY 2017 HMIS Renewal, CoCR, $388,611

FY 2017 UFA, CoC, $331,618

FY17 RRH, CoC, $245,800

IHN Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $356,623

IHN Permanent Supportive Housing 2, CoCR, $354,170

IHN RRH for Families, CoCR, $322,474

Lighthouse Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $207,953

Lighthouse RRH Expansion, CoCR, $179,286

Lighthouse Scattered Site RRH, CoCR, $154,961

Lighthouse Street Outreach, CoCR, $102,518

NCR Commons at South Cumminsville, CoC, $418,252

NISRE Exit PSH, CoCR, $362,163

OTRCH ALI Consolidation, CoCR, $394,752

OTRCH Carrie’s Place, CoCR, $96,106

OTRCH East Clifton Homes, CoCR, $59,448

OTRCH Jimmy Heath House, CoCR, $255,452

OTRCH Paths to Recovery, CoCR, $326,263

OTRCH Recovery Hotel SRA PSH, CoCR, $95,751

OVGI PH Rapid Re-housing, CoCR, $603,867

Salvation Army Permanent RRH 1, CoCR, $243,056

Salvation Army RRH 2 for Families, CoCR, $234,731

Shelterhouse Homeless Individuals Partnership (HIP), CoCR, $251,769

Shelterhouse HUD RRH, CoCR, $827,268

Shelterhouse Recovery Transitional Housing, CoCR, $94,772

Shelterhouse Supportive Services, CoCR, $90,441

Talbert House Permanent Supportive Housing 1, CoCR, $660,322

Talbert House Permanent Supportive Housing 2, CoC, $934,628

Talbert Services TGGH Expansion/Gertrude House, CoCR, $53,500

Tender Mercies Dana Hotel, CoCR, $90,567

Tender Mercies Harkavy Hall SRA, CoCR, $75,283

Tender Mercies Haven Hall PSH, CoCR, $332,951

YWCA Domestic Violence Rapid Rehousing, CoCR, $131,708

YWCA DV TH/RRH, CoC, $223,128

OH-500 Total: $17,176,939

OH-501 – Toledo/Lucas County CoC

1st Avenue, CoCR, $230,737

A Place Called Home, CoCR, $102,035

Affordable Housing for Persons With Mental Illness, CoCR, $340,108

CoC Planning Project Application 2017, CoC, $160,186

Families With Mental Illness, CoCR, $83,558

Families With Mental Illness Expansion, CoCR, $91,243

Fresh Start, CoCR, $108,838

Haven, CoCR, $232,075

HMIS Expansion 2017, CoCR, $57,990

HMIS Renewal 2017, CoCR, $90,609

Home Base, CoCR, $197,307

Housing First, CoCR, $172,336

My Place, CoCR, $171,287

PACT Partnership, CoCR, $237,377

Pathway To Shelter, CoCR, $96,906

RRH Program, CoC, $286,388

Special Assistance for Families Accessing Housing, CoCR, $234,120

Steps to Home, CoCR, $414,451

Steps to Home Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $433,576

Steps to Home PSH II, CoC, $45,408

Steps to Home TH-C, CoCR, $329,268

Walls For All, CoCR, $188,124

OH-501 Total: $4,303,927

OH-502 – Cleveland/Cuyahoga County CoC

2010 TRA, CoCR, $111,423

2016 Rapid Re-Housing for Single Adults, CoCR, $538,461

8301 Detroit, CoCR, $965,990

Buckeye PSH Long-Term Rental Assistance, CoCR, $59,803

Cogswell Supportive Housing, CoCR, $102,942

Cuyahoga County Coordinated Entry, CoCR, $500,000

Cuyahoga County Rapid Re-Housing for Families, CoCR, $488,712

Cuyahoga County Rapid Re-Housing for Single Adults and Youth, CoCR, $726,315

Downtown Superior Apartments, CoCR, $220,189

Duplex Housing- Scattered Site, CoCR, $678,397

EAX Greenbridge Extension, CoC, $1,070,066

Euclid, CoCR, $1,544,268

Gurnick Place, CoCR, $133,005

Miles, CoCR, $757,602

Payne Avenue Plus, CoCR, $725,315

Permanent Housing for Persons with Chemical Dependencies 2001, CoCR, $429,462

Permanent Housing for Persons with Chemical Dependencies 2004, CoCR, $862,542

Permanent Housing for Young Adults, CoCR, $464,049

Permanent Supportive Housing/CH, CoCR, $64,559

Rapid Rehousing for Families and Singles Bonus FY2015, CoCR, $1,223,786

Safe Haven 3, CoCR, $464,170

South Pointe, CoCR, $1,016,430

SRA 2004, CoCR, $1,504,704

SRA 2007-54, CoCR, $1,017,438

TRA 1126 Units, CoCR, $10,765,612

WSCC RRH 20, CoCR, $216,659

WSCC RRH 32, CoCR, $370,207

OH-502 Total: $27,022,106

OH-503 – Columbus/Franklin County CoC

Alvis Inc 2017 Amethyst Program, CoCR, $555,143

CHN 2017 Briggsdale Apartments, CoCR, $234,491

CHN 2017 Community ACT, CoCR, $273,026

CHN 2017 East Fifth Avenue Apartments, CoCR, $232,914

CHN 2017 Family Homes, CoCR, $13,310

CHN 2017 Inglewood Court, CoCR, $60,247

CHN 2017 Leasing SHP Program, CoCR, $232,221

CHN 2017 Parsons Avenue Apartments, CoCR, $256,811

CHN 2017 Rebuilding Lives PACT Team Initiative, CoCR, $726,943

CHN 2017 Rental Assistance SRA III, CoCR, $92,491

CHN 2017 S+C SRA, CoCR, $1,609,752

CHN 2017 S+C TRA, CoCR, $1,385,703

CHN 2017 Safe Haven, CoCR, $188,951

CHN 2017 Southpoint Place Apartments, CoCR, $376,578

CHN 2017 Supportive Housing Leasing, CoCR, $1,819,252

CHN 2017 Terrace Place Apartments, CoCR, $135,549

CHN 2017 Wilson Apartments, CoCR, $66,279

CSB 2017 CoC Planning, CoC, $329,319

CSB 2017 HMIS/CSP, CoCR, $164,070

CSB 2017 UFA, CoC, $219,546

Equitas Health 2017 PSH, CoCR, $783,195

Huckleberry House 2017 Transitional Living Program, CoCR, $232,135

Maryhaven 2017 Supportive Housing Project, CoCR, $183,196

NCR 2017 Commons at Buckingham, CoCR, $110,051

NCR 2017 Commons at Grant, CoCR, $110,051

NCR 2017 Commons at Third, CoCR, $110,051

NCR 2017 PSH Expansion + Enhancement, CoC, $186,973

TSA 2017 Job 2 Housing (OH0074U5E031605), CoCR, $294,017

Van Buren Village PSH, CoCR, $64,200

VOAGO 2017 Permanent Supportive Housing for Families, CoCR, $384,383

VOAGO 2017 Permanent Supportive Housing for Families Expansion, CoC, $123,716

YMCA 2017 S+C SRA, CoCR, $205,706

YWCA 2017 WINGS, CoCR, $257,848

OH-503 Total: $12,018,118

OH-504 – Youngstown/Mahoning County CoC

Beatitude House CH Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $91,185

Beatitude House Permanent Supportive Housing Program, CoCR, $365,476

CoC Planning Grant 2017, CoC, $78,774

Coordinated Entry 2017-2018, CoCR, $33,929

HMIS Project, CoCR, $15,000

Homestead House, CoCR, $11,446

Meridian Women’s Center South, CoCR, $43,129

Phoenix Court, CoCR, $130,922

PSH Vouchers 2017-2018, CoCR, $124,412

Samaritan Housing, PRA, CoCR, $13,618

SRO II, CoCR, $351,006

YWCA Permanent Housing for Families with Disabilities, CoCR, $346,181

YWCA Scattered-Site 2 Permanent Housing for Disabled Families, CoCR, $200,543

OH-504 Total: $1,805,621

OH-505 – Dayton, Kettering/Montgomery County CoC

2017 PRA Renewal, CoCR, $100,586

2017 SRA II Renewal, CoCR, $102,354

2017 SRA Renewal, CoCR, $483,523

2017 TRA Renewal, CoCR, $2,186,012

Aspire, CoCR, $360,365

CoC Coordinated Entry, CoC, $112,320

HMIS, CoCR, $140,525

HOPE Housing, CoCR, $653,226

Housing First I-IV, CoCR, $996,009

Iowa Avenue Commons, CoCR, $140,916

Key Terrace Rental Assistance, CoCR, $224,560

Key Terrace Supportive Services, CoCR, $164,039

Milestones, CoCR, $195,585

MVHO Leasing I, CoCR, $177,327

MVHO Leasing II, CoCR, $134,164

MVHO Leasing III, CoCR, $246,444

MVHO PSH Operating, CoCR, $21,904

MVHO Westcliff, CoCR, $234,382

OH 505 CoC Planning 2017, CoC, $271,273

Ohio Avenue Commons, CoCR, $129,417

Opening Doors for the Homeless, CoCR, $427,100

Opportunity House, CoCR, $387,486

Rapid Re-Housing, CoCR, $254,972

River Commons II, CoCR, $180,844

RRH Priority Populations, CoCR, $409,494

Saphire Rapid Rehousing, CoCR, $166,533

St. Vincent de Paul DePaul Center PSH FY 2017, CoCR, $125,869

St. Vincent de Paul Kettering Commons PSH FY 2017, CoCR, $124,151

St. Vincent de Paul Safe Haven FY 2017, CoCR, $324,177

OH-505 Total: $9,475,557

OH-506 – Akron/Summit County CoC

Access Home, CoCR, $179,098

Akron Supportive Housing (South Street), CoCR, $37,733

Akron Supportive Housing (Waterloo), CoCR, $43,869

Akron/Summit County HMIS, CoCR, $260,442

Blackbird Landing, CoCR, $126,702

Blackbird Landing II, CoCR, $132,969

Blue Herron, CoCR, $231,003

Brubaker Program 2017, CoCR, $148,990

Cardinal’s Peak, CoCR, $81,425

Centralized Intake – Summit, CoCR, $85,652

Emerging Women Program 2017, CoCR, $141,881

Home Again, CoCR, $62,532

Homes ForFoster Youth, CoCR, $137,300

Hope, CoCR, $152,568

Horizon House, CoCR, $72,185

Humble Beginnings Program 2017, CoCR, $126,717

McTaggert Court I, CoCR, $117,740

OH-506 CoC Planning Application FY2017, CoC, $142,854

Peachtree I, CoCR, $122,000

Peachtree II, CoCR, $97,110

Permanent Supportive Housing – H.M. Life Opportunity Services, CoCR, $430,150

Project Beginnings I, CoCR, $16,180

Renew, CoCR, $30,590

Safe Haven, CoCR, $169,467

Shelter Plus Care (CANAPI 2017) OH0152L5E061609, CoCR, $140,003

Shelter Plus Care (CSS 2017) OH0153L5E061609, CoCR, $470,716

STEP II, CoCR, $120,987

Step III, CoCR, $266,125

The Commons at Madaline Park, CoCR, $264,899

The Micah Program, CoCR, $113,037

Transitions To Independence, CoCR, $117,847

Women’s Empowerment Program 2017, CoCR, $77,428

OH-506 Total: $4,718,199

OH-507 – Ohio Balance of State CoC

Able Housing, CoCR, $224,816

Allen Shelter Plus Care Vouchers, CoCR, $185,558

Almost Home, CoCR, $253,669

Appleseed RRH, CoCR, $170,474

Ashtabula Shelter Plus Care Vouchers for homeless persons with mental illness, CoCR, $344,357

Athens Serenity Village SAMI Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $40,642

Athens Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $270,810

Beacon House, CoCR, $292,261

Butler County S+C for Chronically Homeless II, CoCR, $157,041

Butler SPC for Adults with Chronic Homelessness, CoCR, $178,765

Butler SPC for Homeless Individuals and Families, CoCR, $170,109

CAC Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $113,878

Charles Place, CoCR, $74,529

Chrysalis Transitional Program, CoCR, $35,770

CoC Planning Project FY17, CoC, $476,093

Coleman PSH, CoCR, $282,044

Columbiana Free Choice II: The Counseling Center, CoCR, $33,571

Columbiana MHA Shelter + Care I, CoCR, $291,821

Crossroads Supportive Housing Program, CoCR, $287,063

Delaware County Permanent Supportive Housing for Families, CoCR, $193,449

Fairfield County Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $192,474

Faith House II, CoCR, $35,230

Family Abuse Shelter PSH, CoCR, $26,461

Family Housing, CoCR, $136,013

Fayette Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $72,631

Generation Now Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $69,716

Graham Drive, CoCR, $43,465

Harding Place Transitional Housing Program, CoCR, $45,190

Homeless Management Information System, CoCR, $458,840

I’m Home, CoCR, $65,542

Jefferson County Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $300,123

Joey’s Landing, CoCR, $100,366

Knox County TRA, CoCR, $158,811

Lake County McKinley Grove SPC, CoCR, $112,389

Lake County SPC, CoCR, $232,846

Lake County SPC II, CoCR, $173,165

Lake County SPC III, CoCR, $40,025

Lawrence County One-Stop Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $48,029

Lawrence County One-Stop TRA, CoCR, $148,338

LCCH Rapid Re-Housing, CoCR, $67,482

LCCH Transitional Housing, CoCR, $530,945

Licking Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $345,772

Logan/Champaign Housing, CoCR, $76,387

Lorain Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $426,022

Madriver/Park Street, CoCR, $42,925

Marietta/Washington Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $40,080

Medina County TRA, CoCR, $381,408

Miami County Family RRH, CoCR, $113,808

Miami County SPC, CoCR, $38,900

Miriam House, CoCR, $86,774

NEXT STEP, CoCR, $96,092

Northland II, CoCR, $211,783

Permanent Housing for Persons with Disabilities, CoCR, $41,318

Permanent Housing with Supportive Services, CoCR, $227,140

Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $151,609

Portage Area Transitional Housing 3, CoCR, $118,671

Portage Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $431,539

Prestwick Square, CoCR, $138,820

Prestwick Square 2, CoCR, $75,329

PSH Plus Care, CoCR, $105,781

Rapid Re-Housing Ohio, CoCR, $703,841

Ravenna Permanent Supportive Housing for Veterans, CoCR, $13,085

Recovery Begins at Home, CoCR, $182,187

Reigns of Renewal, CoCR, $83,463

Residential Administrators PSH, CoCR, $222,921

Saint Vincent House, CoCR, $22,426

Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $224,369

Shelter Plus Care 2, CoCR, $146,251

Shelter Plus Care Chronic, CoCR, $69,312

Shelter Plus Care Union County, CoCR, $41,131

Shelter Plus Care Vouchers 2, CoCR, $51,984

Shelter Plus Care Vouchers for Families, CoCR, $419,413

SPC Geauga County TRA, CoCR, $98,716

Springfield Shelter Plus Care 1, CoCR, $96,556

Springfield Shelter Plus Care 3, CoCR, $52,893

Springfield St Vincent DePaul Shelter + Care, CoCR, $33,375

Stable Futures, CoC, $67,239

Supportive Housing, CoCR, $31,764

Supportive Housing Program, CoCR, $142,434

Supportive Opportunities and Services, CoCR, $123,483

Transitions, CoCR, $717,537

Trumbull New Shelter Plus Care Chronic, CoCR, $188,568

Trumbull NewShelter Plus Care Vouchers, CoCR, $76,824

Trumbull Shelter Plus Care for homeless persons with a mental illness 1, CoCR, $257,555

Tuscarawas County TRA, CoCR, $168,945

Warren County Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $74,567

Warren Shelter Plus Care, CoCR, $213,691

Women In Secure Housing, CoCR, $128,631

Women’s Campus Project, CoCR, $96,994

WSOS Homenet Permanent Housing Program – DV, CoCR, $213,397

WSOS Homenet Permanent Supportive Housing, CoCR, $476,945

WSOS Permanent Supportive Housing Expansion, CoCR, $271,382

WSOS Rapid ReHousing Conversion, CoC, $301,001

OH-507 Total : $16,297,839

OH-508 – Canton, Massillon, Alliance/Stark County CoC

A-FIRST PSH, CoCR, $117,986

B-FIRST PSH, CoCR, $114,463

Cherry Grove, CoCR, $145,679

CoC Planning Project Application FY2017, CoC, $79,890

Gateway House II SPC Phase II, CoCR, $163,507

Housing First Leasing Assistance, CoCR, $121,832

ICAN CoC Rapid Re-Housing I, CoCR, $94,372

ICAN CoC Rapid Re-Housing I Expansion, CoC, $59,296

ICAN CoC Rapid Re-Housing II, CoCR, $12,397

New Beginnings PSH, CoCR, $35,610

Shelter Plus Care Hunter House 2011, CoCR, $50,069

Shelter Plus Care SRA, CoCR, $202,915

Shelter Plus Care TRA, CoCR, $416,953

Shelter Plus Care TRA MHRSB, CoCR, $44,087

SOHO BONUS, CoCR, $188,853

SOHO PSH 2015, CoCR, $139,269

Stark County Central Intake and Assessment, CoC, $74,900

Stark County HMIS System Coordination, CoCR, $107,446

STARR, CoCR, $228,200

STARR II, CoCR, $245,963

Supported Apartments, CoCR, $225,368

Supportive Services for the Homeless, CoCR, $60,990

West Park Apartments, CoCR, $91,925

OH-508 Total: $3,021,970

Ohio Total: $95,840,276

Sunbury News Staff Report

HUD’s mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. More information about HUD and its programs is available on the Internet at and You can follow Secretary Carson on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

HUD’s mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. More information about HUD and its programs is available on the Internet at and You can follow Secretary Carson on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.