Ohio Department of Education Offers Assistance to Families Affected by ECOT Suspension

Sunbury News Staff Report

The Ohio Department of Education has resources available for families and educators affected by the suspension of ECOT by the ESC of Lake Erie West.

“The Ohio Department of Education is prepared to support students and families in identifying new educational opportunities to meet their needs,” said Paolo DeMaria, superintendent of public instruction. “Districts and schools have already taken actions to streamline and accelerate their enrollment processes. We know the entire education community will come together with care and compassion in the best interest of these students.”

Families should visit the Ohio Department of Education website and click the “Find a School” button to learn more about the schools near them. Options include schools in their home district, schools in neighboring districts that may allow non-residents to attend (“open enrollment” districts), private schools, and community (charter) schools, including online schools.

There are additional options for students who have been identified to receive special education services (search “Jon Peterson Scholarship,” or “Autism Scholarship” on the Department’s website to learn more).

In addition, students have options to participate in a career technical education program. Families also can choose home schooling.

The Department also has resources to help teachers find work. Visit the Department’s website and click the “Education Jobs” button.

About the Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio Department of Education oversees the state’s public education system, which includes public school districts, joint vocational school districts and charter schools. The Department also monitors educational service centers, other regional education providers, early learning and child care programs, and private schools. The Department’s tasks include administering the school funding system, collecting school fiscal and performance data, developing academic standards and model curricula, administering the state achievement tests, issuing district and school report cards, administering Ohio’s voucher programs, providing professional development, and licensing teachers, administrators, treasurers, superintendents and other education personnel. The Department is governed by the State Board of Education with administration of the Department the responsibility of the superintendent of public instruction.


Sunbury News Staff Report

For specific questions about school options, families should call (877) 644-6338 or email the Department at FindASchool@education.ohio.gov.

For specific questions about school options, families should call (877) 644-6338 or email the Department at FindASchool@education.ohio.gov.