Clean Water Environmental Invests in Improvements Benefiting Ohio Community


New service and facility improvements support customers, the local community

and the environment

DAYTON, OH, April 17, 2018: Since emerging under new ownership as Clean Water Environmental (CWE) in September 2017, CWE has been hard at work restructuring both operationally and structurally. Initial emphasis has been placed on enhanced adherence to compliance regulations and how CWE can best serve the Ohio communities in which their facilities are located.

Achievements to date include physical capital improvements to the facilities, such as the relocation of water treatment systems within the plant in Dayton, Ohio. The newly re-installed Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) units will not only enhance efficiency, but also allow for greater amounts of waste to pass through with cleaner results. The throughput capacity and flexibility provided by CWE’s DAF units and chemical batch treatment tanks now surpass all other Central Water Treatment (CWT) facilities in the region. Additionally, a very important improvement to CWE’s Niro Thin Film Evaporator in Mansfield, Ohio has been made, which increases that facility’s production capabilities by approximately 45% and delivers state-of-the-art water treatment and enhanced compliance there as well. Lastly, the continuous testing and tuning to the recently purchased and installed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) has been going very well, ensuring that CWE’s air emissions are of the most compliant nature.

The company has also recently hired six new staff members, with more job opportunities currently available and even further growth upcoming. Additionally, a new website was launched in March 2018 (, offering information on the full range of CWE services, as well as operational, compliance and technical details. The company has plans to enhance the site in the near future with access to permits, a document library, and a customer portal which will allow customers direct management of their waste streams that supports operational transparency.

Finally, a contract has just been signed, which will substantially update the transportation service capabilities of the company, by means of the leasing of an entirely new fleet of trucks. Delivery of the new trucks is expected to begin in May with final delivery expected sometime in June. The Kenworth trucks will be built in Chillicothe, Ohio – by Ohioans.

“Since September, we have been working very hard to invest time and capital towards the necessary revitalization and enhancements needed to leverage the core capabilities of our facilities in the name of growth, while maximizing efficiency, safety, compliance, sustainability and service,” said Mitch George, CWE Sales & Marketing Manager. “We are excited about the significant progress we have achieved to date and have many more upgrades in the works. We expect these improvements to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of the Ohio business community, Ohio employment, and our local environment.”

To learn more about recent updates, future plans, or to request a custom quote for waste removal and treatment services, please contact Mitch George at (937) 268-6501 x111 or

About Clean Water Environmental

Clean Water Environmental provides comprehensive hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal services at facilities in central Ohio. Services include: waste water treatment and removal, hazardous waste disposal, oil recycling, transportation and analytical services. Clean Water Environmental operates in compliance with a strict Waste Analysis and Acceptance Plan that details operational procedures for collection, receipt and processing of materials. At the heart of this process is Clean Water Environmental’s on-site analytical laboratory that assures compliance for both internal processes and to assist in making sure customer waste streams meet all regulatory requirements.