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Introducing the Five-Year, $5.6 Million Habitat Housing Initiative

As the affordable housing problem has grown to crisis levels, Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio has developed a five year plan, the Habitat Housing Initiative (HHI) that will increase our capacity and impact in targeted communities in a sustainable manner. With the Initiative, Habitat MidOhio will increase our production and services from about 30 families each year to serving over 140 annually! The biggest jump in families served will be in the Home Repair Program.

Target Community Impact

The HHI will target three specific communities: The Southside, Linden , and Newark. By focusing on these geographic targets, the transformation will be substantial and elevates the positive socio-economic impact.

Increased Program & Service Capacity

Habitat MidOhio has outgrown its current administrative offices at 3140 Westerville Road. The HHI will provide resources to create a new and engaging Family & Program Center, enabling the affiliate to serve the increased number of families in a new administration building (currently in contract) on Busch Boulevard in Columbus. The additional space for homeowner and financial education, volunteer coordination, community engagement and program administration will ensure the success of the HHI growth.

New Habitat ReStores – Sustainability

Currently, Habitat MidOhio operates two successful ReStores which sell donated building materials, furniture, appliances, and other home goods to the public at reduced costs. The proceeds are then used to offset our administrative expenses. The HHI is a unique model because the keystone of the plan it to increase our ReStores from two to four locations. Once all four ReStores are fully operational at the end of the HHI, the increase in net revenue will produce enough funding to allow us to maintain the growth in number of families served in perpetuity without having to dramatically increase our annual fundraising efforts. At the end of the five year HHI, we expect annual gross revenue of $4 million which translates to a projected net profit of $1.6 million that will be used to pay for our administrative costs so that more donor dollars can go directly to our mission. Additionally, the opening of two new ReStores will allow us to divert thousands of tons of reusable goods from the landfill.

We are well on our way to making a significant impact on the affordable housing crisis right here in central Ohio. Thanks to the efforts of our HHI Champions, central Ohio organizations and corporations have made generous contributions to our initiative…but there is more work to do.

Homeownership / Home Repair Services

Habitat MidOhio is pleased to welcome two new employees to the family, specifically to the Homeownership Services and Home Repair Department.

Stephanie Wade, Community Outreach Supervisor

Stephanie comes to Habitat after years of social work experience. She previously worked with the City of Columbus, the Columbus Health Department and Recreation and Park Department, and before that, was employed with the Columbus City Schools for 10 years.

Lydia Prenger, Home Repair Coordinator

Lydia joins the Habitat MidOhio team to help coordinate our growing Home Repair program as a result of the upcoming HHI. She previously worked for the Greater Chicago Food Depository on the community team supporting our member agency food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters.

Habitat MidOhio is pleased to offer you a snapshot of our accomplishments last fiscal year:

As we enter into the second half of our current fiscal year (2018), we are thrilled to report that we have raised more than half, $1.7 million, of the funds needed to start the 2018/2019 build season! Habitat MidOhio is fortunate to have so many generous donors support our mission year after year. It takes thousands of individuals, companies, faith organizations, churches, foundations and government agencies to provide the critical funds we need to serve local families, and we are humbled by each and every gift that we receive.

It’s because of your choice, your actions, and your commitment to ensuring that everyone in our community has a safe place to live, that we are able to serve year after year. THANK YOU will never be enough, but please accept our gratitude and our hope that you will continue to support our mission.

Fiscal Year 2018 Program Progress

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of so many donors, we are on pace to serve more families this year than any year before. In the first 7 months of this fiscal year we have helped 11 families achieve homeownership through new home construction and rehab projects. We have also helped 24 families to be able to safely stay in their homes through our Home Repair Program.

These families have been able to receive affordable repairs to address health, safety and code issues, allowing them to be able to continue to live in their homes. We are on pace to serve nearly 50 families this fiscal year, nearly double our previous year. We couldn’t do it without you!


Data clearly show that those homeowners who complete a course in housing counseling – including the curriculum focused on financial literacy – are much more likely, statistically, to be successful mortgagors over time.



Most people would be surprised to know the amount of funding that must be raised in order to start a new construction project at Habitat MidOhio—we have to raise a minimum of $100,000, not including government subsidy grants, on each and every house that we build! That funding comes from a variety of sources and we are fortunate and grateful that we have such a generous community in central Ohio. Below are some ways that you can help us continue to serve more families.

  • Make a financial donation https://www.habitatmidohio.org/ways-to-give/donate-to-habitat/donate-online-now/
  • Shop at the ReStore
  • Donate to the ReStore
  • Sign-up to be a monthly giver
  • Make a donation of stocks or real estate
  • Find out if your company has a matching donation program and sign-up
  • Include Habitat for Humanity – MidOhio in your planned giving
  • Make an introduction to your place of employment or worship with a member of our Development Team
  • Donate a car to the Cars for Homes Program https://www.habitat.org/support/donate-your-car
  • Select Habitat for Humanity – MidOhio through your workplace giving campaigns via United Way or Community Shares

If you have ever built on one of our construction sites, you know it takes many hands working together to complete the job. Just like building the actual house, it takes many hands coming together to raise the funding needed to build the home, so consider supporting us today and thank you for your continued support!




In the urban neighborhoods that we serve, the vacant, blighted garages can often become code violations. In addition, they can quickly become magnets for dumping, illegal activities, and be very unsafe for children. Sometimes these structures can be repaired or spruced up easily to improve the safety of the neighborhood and looks of the property. Many times though, the structures are beyond repair and simply need to be torn down.

In addition, Habitat MidOhio has found that some families have code violations that they risk fines and court action for if not taken care of. They often cannot afford the expense associated with the removal of the structure. Our Home Repair Program has seen an increase in applicants with this situation, and we have fortunately been able to partner with several families to get their situation addressed. We are now a licensed demolition contractor within the City of Columbus.

A special thanks to the efforts and funding of our Thrivent Financial group for their help recently on one of these projects. You can see from the pictures what a difference these projects make in improving our communities:


Sending healing thoughts and prayers to the following:

  • Safety of volunteers on site
  • Weekday construction and repair volunteers
  • Our Partner Families


Remodeling season is here! Are you remodeling your home, or know someone that is? Don’t trash your old materials; donate them to our ReStore instead. Give cabinets, appliances, and furniture a new life. Visit our website for a full list of items we can accept. http://www.restoremidohio.org/

Demolishing the whole house? Call ReStore and we will send a deconstruction team to save usable materials from the home before it comes down. Call for more info 614-364-7028.



Staff Reports