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We have made significant progress toward our affiliate’s dream of charting a new course that will empower many more families to achieve or save the dream of homeownership here in Central Ohio through the Habitat Housing Initiative (HHI). When the affiliate embarked on this journey two years ago, we put together a plan that was aggressive and with a stretch goal that projected taking us from serving roughly 30 families annually to well over 100 per year — a figure that would put us in the top 10 of affiliates in the nation — while doing so sustainably. Such a plan was and is needed to address the overarching need for safe, decent and affordable housing.

Along the way, our team of dedicated HHI Champions, who combined their yeoman efforts with those of our staff, has experienced some great success in terms of resources raised or pledged. Off the runway now, our renovation of ReStore East and the Westerville Road building overall, coupled with the purchase of a new headquarters and administration building on Busch Boulevard, has come in some $200K underbudget. We continue searching for appropriate locations for additional ReStores, in what can only be described as a very “hot” commercial real estate market. Given market conditions, we have adjusted our strategy and plan to open at least one more ReStore within 18 months.

With our execution strategy and the care with which we have invested the $3.8 million thus far, we believe that HFHMO will achieve the goal of serving 100 families per year or more at the $4.5M level. And rest assured, we are fully focused on finding and funding additional ReStore locations that will generate ongoing revenue over time. Know we remain at full throttle regarding our efforts to raise the maximum amount possible for this initiative, and we very much appreciate your continued support of our ongoing efforts.


Every April, organizations across the country recognize National Volunteer Week, and Habitat-MidOhio is no different. As we reflect on the 31 years of Habitat’s presence in Central Ohio, volunteers have been the critical part to our success. It would be difficult for the affiliate to have served more than 400 families without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

The work of Habitat for Humanity has so much more impact when its partners come together, individually weaving their individual talents, ideas, and energy into the collective good, resulting in a unique and beautiful tapestry we call “Habitat MidOhio.” As with any fabric, when the threads of every color are woven together with a common goal, a design begins to take shape like the beautiful quilts we present to each of our families at their home dedication. Overbrook Presbyterian Church has faithfully produced these beautiful quilts for over 30 years, ones that provide our families with warmth, security, and a sense of home. Figuratively, he design of Habitat MidOhio’s tapestry, with all of our volunteers donating their time, unique talents and skills, combined with love, faith, community, and partnership, produces a very similar positive feeling —security of a stable living situation, warmth of a safe, decent and affordable home, and hope for a brighter future.

We thank our volunteers for weaving their lives into the fabric of our Habitat affiliate creating a masterpiece to benefit our deserving families, crafted from the abundance of everyone’s unique handiwork. With that, our hearts are full.

Searching for 2018-2019 AmeriCorps Members:

Habitat MidOhio has been awarded seven AmeriCorps members for the 2018-2019 service year beginning in late August serving in the areas of construction leadership and community outreach. To learn more about the AmeriCorps program at Habitat MidOhio, visit:


For all of the 428 Winter Warriors who volunteered on site in March

Six Habitat families served through four home

construction and two repair projects in March

Congratulations, Bob Lentz (above), for receiving a 2018 ServeOhio award for the Central Ohio region!

Congratulations, Bill Darlage, for Governor Kaisch’s acknowledgement of his outstanding volunteer service nomination for the ServeOhio awards!


At Habitat MidOhio we consider our partner families, volunteers, staff, and donors as part of the affiliate’s extended family. It’s always memorable when the stars align to bring these groups together for a special occasion. One such instance occurred earlier this month as we dedicated a home for our newest Habitat family in Newark that was sponsored by Park National Corporation Foundation, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, Licking Memorial Health Systems, The Energy Cooperative, and Herb Murphy.

The construction experience involved project was filled with fortuitous connections and heartwarming stories. For example, the home was vacant when we purchased it from a local family. Unbeknownst to us, the mother of a Park National Bank employee grew up in the house with her four siblings. She had spent significant time in the house as a child; and was able to visit the home before we started the remodeling and updating effort. Volunteers and staff learned of the many fond memories of playing in the yard and enjoying family meals in the dining room. The final significant connection is that the new homeowner, Alicia, works for Licking Memorial Hospital and found out about the Habitat program through an event held on their main campus!

All of our dedications are special, but this one was particularly meaningful because of the tight-knit community in Newark and Habitat-MidOhio helping to facilitate saving a home, preserving its history while providing a new family the ability to achieve the dream of homeownership! We are pleased to know Alicia will now continue that legacy of building wonderful family memories with her children in this home.


At Habitat MidOhio, we are always striving to improve the quality of the homes we build. Throughout the year the Construction Committee meets and takes into consideration suggestions made by our faithful volunteers as well as industry leaders. All considered and adopted changes and improvements to building techniques serve to make the projects more efficient, safe, and ultimately create a better home for our partner families.

Throughout the year veteran volunteer, house lead, and part-time construction staff member, John Fisher, accumulates and tracks these updates. Over the past couple of months, John has been working diligently to incorporate all recent changes into the Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio Construction Manual, so that it will be ready for the upcoming busy build season. The instructions and construction hints found in the manual, which is available to everyone on our website, are key to helping us grow and serve more families and the communities in which they live. Thanks, John, for your dedication in keeping this living document current and ready for all to utilize!

By month’s end, the updated manual will be available and can be found at the following link:



Sending healing thoughts and prayers to the following:

Weekday construction and repair volunteers

Safety of volunteers on site


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