Kingston news 3rd quarter, August 2018


Chairman’s Chat

By Dewey Akers, Trustees Chairman

Hello, Everyone. I hope you are all having a great summer.

Summit Road on N. 3B’s & K Road is officially open. It has made entry to Route 36 East 100% better during peak traffic hours in the morning and late afternoon.

The work on the South bound ramp at I-71 and Route 36 has been completed, but it seems there is still confusion navigating the continuous right turn.

The development at N. 3B’s & K Road is moving on at a good pace. The next phase with about one hundred more houses has been approved. I have not heard any more about the two billion dollar amusement park project in Berkshire Township since it was mentioned in the newspaper several weeks ago.

Doug Crowl is in the process of updating all the road signs in the township. This should help make our roads safer for travel. The sign project should finish up this summer.

We will be doing some cosmetic work in the cemetery, removing all the overgrown shrubs and bushes. This will improve the appearance quite a bit.

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts. If you have any questions concerning the township, feel free to call me at 740-803-1529.


Looking ahead at the completion of the new Township Hall and Park off Carter’s Corner Road in 2019, the Trustees approved a tree donation program at their May 1, 2018 Trustees Meeting. The program will afford residents an opportunity to honor lost loved ones with the donation of a living memorial and at the same time enhance reforestation efforts using native trees at both the Blue Church Cemetery and new Township Hall and Park.

Background: Trees for Tomorrow is a tree restoration program for the Kingston Township Blue Church Cemetery and Township Hall/Park areas. The Emerald Ash Borer has had a devastating effect upon the majority of ash trees within the park areas. Many trees are reaching the end of their life cycle, and others are dying due to damage by storms, vandalism and soil compaction around root systems.

The goal of this program is to solicit tree donations from interested township residents for the purpose of planting trees native to our area for future generations to enjoy. These trees will improve air quality, provide shade and scenic beauty, and offer many wildlife benefits. Throughout the country, family members utilize similar programs to honor lost loved ones through a donated tree living memorial.

With the passage of the resolution on the November 2017 ballot by Kingston Township residents, the Trustees are moving forward with the design and construction of a new Township Hall/Park in cooperation with our partners Nationwide Realty Investors. The area should be established by 2019 which would then provide an opportunity to begin donated tree planting in that area.

How Does The Program Work? Interested donors may choose from the following options:

  • One time monetary donation of any amount. These funds will be set aside in the township budget and designated to purchase trees and planting supplies (fertilizer, trunk wrap, wire/stakes, etc.) for the cemetery and hall/park.

  • Purchase a gift certificate from a local tree nursery in any amount. Donate the gift certificate to the designated township area. The gift certificates will be combined and used to purchase trees and planting supplies.
  • One time donation of a dug tree chosen from the native tree list.
  • Multi-year donation i.e. 1 tree/year for five (5) years.

The donation can include a small inscribed plaque in honor of a loved one.

What Size Trees Are Best? Based on best practices used by managers of public areas, trees with a 2-3 inch trunk diameter have the greatest chance to survive. Historic efforts to plant tree seedlings in public areas have resulted in a minimal survival rate due to drought, winter freeze/thaw damage, and damage by deer and rabbits. Trees planted with smaller trunk diameters have been found to be susceptible to damage before they can become established.

What Do Trees Cost? The average price for a balled and burlaped tree purchased from a local nursery is approximately:

2 Inch Diameter $250

2 ½ Inch Diameter $285

3 Inch Diameter $360-400 depending on species

When Is The Best Time To Make A Tree Donation? A monetary donation or a gift certificate for a tree to be planted in your designated area can be made at any time of year. The best time to donate a tree is fall. Local nurseries offer dug trees for sale with the root systems balled and wrapped with burlap for fall planting ahead of dormancy. Fall planting provides the best opportunity for tree survival.

The township staff will do it’s best to ensure survival of donated trees; however, no guarantees can be offered concerning the longevity of each specific tree.

Small, permanent markers can be placed by a family adjacent to trees donated in honor or memory of a loved one. The condition or longevity of the markers cannot be guaranteed by the township.

To Donate A Tree, Who Do I Contact? Please contact the Kingston Township Zoning Office at 740-524-0290 or for more information about this program including a list of native trees, and to participate in Trees for Tomorrow.