MORPC Awards 13 Projects that Enhance Mobility of Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities

Staff Report

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) announces the Award of Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA’s) Section 5310 Program funding to 13 projects in Central Ohio that will enhance the mobility of older adults and individuals with disabilities. FTA’s Section 5310 provides grant funds for capital expenses for vehicles and related equipment used to transport seniors and people with disabilities and activities related to mobility management. Funds may also be used for operating projects which specifically serve seniors and people with disabilities, travel training to instruct persons using fixed-route bus services, and capital projects to remove barriers at bus stops for persons with disabilities.

MORPC solicited funding requests from December 2017 through February 2018 for FTA’s Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities program funding and received over $3 million in requests. MORPC staff approved administrative, operating and capital projects for funding totaling approximately $1.8 million for Federal Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017. Unless otherwise noted, projects listed require a 20 percent local match.

Alpha Group of Delaware 1 Accessible Vehicle $44,074

American Red Cross 1 Accessible Vehicle $45,198

Arch Express Transportation 1 Light Transit Vehicle $56,202

Canal Winchester Human Services Preventative Maintenance $26,750

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) Purchased Transportation $600,000

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) Operating (50% match) $1,310,282

Delaware County Transit Board operated by Delaware Transit Agency (DATABus) Preventative Maintenance $219,100

Delaware County Transit Board operated by Delaware Transit Agency (DATABus) Mobility Management $373,064

Heritage Day Health Centers (NRC) 2 Light Transit Vehicles $96,186

LifeCare Alliance 1 Light Transit Vehicle $57,673

Netcare Access 1 Modified Minivan $40,242

MORPC Administration (no match required) $104,671

The program is administered by MORPC for the Columbus, Ohio Urbanized Area. Eligible recipients include state or local government authorities, private non-profit organizations, or public or private operators of public transportation services.

Funds are available each federal fiscal year and are distributed following a MORPC review and approval process.

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Staff Report