State association invites household water well owners to use helpful tools

Staff Report

Ohio household water well owners are invited to use more than a dozen free online tools that will help them protect their property investment and their health, the Ohio Water Well Association <> said in recognition of National Groundwater Awareness Week <> , March 5-11.

The tools can be accessed by going to the website <> , which is operated by the National Ground Water Association <> (NGWA). The Ohio Water Well Association is affiliated with NGWA.

Following are some of the many free tools available on

Well owner app <> , which provides mobile device access to information and reminders about well maintenance, water testing, and groundwater protection

Well owner’s manual <> , which is a PC version of the app

Short online lessons <> for well owners

Well owner webinars <>

Private Well Owner Tip Sheet <> emailed monthly

“Finding a contractor” <> webpage

Well financing video <>

Private well owner hotline <> at 855-420-9355

Water well basics <> webpage

Water well maintenance <> webpage

Water quality/quantity <> webpage

Water testing <> webpage

Water treatment <> webpage

To learn more about Ohio dependence on groundwater, click here <>

Staff Report