Senator meets with Ohio nurses

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Senator Met with Ohio Nurses to Discuss Nursing Safety Measures

WASHINGTON, D.C. –U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) recently joined U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) to reintroduce the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act, legislation to set minimum nurse-to-patient staffing requirements, study best practices for nurse staffing, and provide whistleblower protections to protect the right of nurses to advocate for the safety of patients. Brown met with Ohio nurses to discuss the legislation and the importance of safe staffing.

“Every day, patients across Ohio count on nurses in their time of need,” said Brown. “Now, when Ohio nurses need our support, it’s time for us to step up and provide them with the protections they deserve. Nurses want to provide the best possible care to their patients — and to do so safely. We must work to establish standards that invest in our nurses and improve patient care.”

“Across Ohio, and the U.S., nurses are overworked because of short staffing and mandatory overtime, which ultimately compromises patient care. This legislation would ensure nurses are able to provide the quality of care their patients deserve by setting nurse to patient ratios while also considering patient acuity and the experience of the nurse,” said Sally Morgan, MS, APRN, ANP-BC, GNP-BC, President of the Ohio Nurses Association.

Brown introduced similar legislation with Schakowsky in March 2015. A summary of their bill can be found below.

The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act

H.R. 2392, S. 1063

Purpose: The Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Act recognizes that adequate nurse staffing is critical for improving outcomes for hospital patients, reducing preventable adverse events, and helping hospitals to attract and retain direct care nurses. The bill sets minimum nurse-to-patient staffing requirements for direct-care registered nurses, requires a study of staffing requirements for direct care licensed practice nurses, and provides whistleblower protections.


Implementation: Two years after enactment (four years for rural hospitals) hospitals will be expected to develop and implement nurse staffing plans that must meet newly-established minimum direct care registered nurse-to-patient ratios; adjust staffing levels based on acuity, nursing care plans and other factors; and ensure quality care and patient safety.

Minimum direct care registered nurse-to-patient ratios: A hospital would be required during each shift, except during a declared emergency, to assign a direct care registered nurse to no more than the following number of patients in designated units:

1 patient in an operating room and trauma emergency unit

2 patients in all critical care units, intensive care, labor and delivery and post anesthesia units

3 patients in ante partum, emergency, pediatrics, step-down and telemetry units

4 patients in intermediate care nursery, medical/surgical and acute care psychiatric care units

5 patients in rehabilitation units

6 patients in postpartum (3 couplets) and well-baby nursery units

Direct care registered nurses, including any temporary nursing personnel, must have demonstrated unit-specific competence.

Based on the outcome of a required study, staffing requirements will be established for licensed practical nurses and will be required to be implemented in all hospitals.

Staffing Plans Developed Together with Direct Care Nurses: Hospitals will be required to develop staffing plans within one year after date of enactment. Hospitals must involve direct care nurses (chosen by direct care nurses from their unit) and other direct care health care workers or their representatives (chosen by those direct care health care workers) in the development and the annual re-evaluation of their staffing plans. The plans must identify and establish guidelines by which the hospital must increase staffing above the required minimums to meet nursing care requirements necessitated by patient needs. The plans must factor in an appropriate skill mix of other health care workers to ensure that staffing levels account for patient care needs that do not require a direct care registered nurse. After two years, plans must comply with minimum ratio standards, but may need to increase those standards based on hospital specifics.

Enforcement: Uniform notices stating the requirements of this bill including the actual direct care nurse-to-patient ratios for each unit must be posted in a visible, conspicuous and accessible location for both patients and direct care staff. Hospitals that fail to comply with the nurse staffing plan requirements could face a range of corrective action, including civil monetary penalties.

Whistleblower Protection: The bill provide whistleblower protection for nurses by securing a nurse’s right and obligation to refuse assignment if doing so would threaten the safety and health of a patient by violating the minimum ratios as set forth in this bill or if they are not professionally prepared to fulfill their assignment. The bill also provides protections to any hospital employee who reports a violation of this Act.

Reimbursement: The bill allows for hospitals to receive additional Medicare reimbursement related to costs incurred related to compliance with this bill. Such reimbursement will be based on recommendations by Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC).

Promoting Nurse Workforce: The bill creates a preceptorship program to provide practical clinical experiences and training for students and early career nurses. The bill also creates a mentorship program to help new and transitioning nurses adapt to the hospital setting.

Tiberi Statement on FBI Director James Comey

Congressman Pat Tiberi issued the following statement on the firing of FBI Director James Comey:

“There are many questions about Director Comey’s firing that the White House needs to answer. That said, I continue to support the ongoing bipartisan investigations into Russia in both the House and Senate intelligence committees to examine the facts and follow the evidence where it leads. If the leaders of these committees together determine that a special prosecutor is warranted, I would support that decision.”

From a Democratic fundraising email

Demand an independent investigation into Trump and his connections to Russia.

Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey — the man leading the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia.

This is a deeply dangerous abuse of power, and it’s further evidence that nobody in this administration can be trusted to lead an honest investigation into a serious national security issue.

In order for Americans to get the truth about Donald Trump and Russia, there must be an independent investigation led by a special prosecutor.

Ads will target Sen. Portman and Reps. Renacci, Tiberi, and Chabot

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following Congressional Republicans’ vote to rip health care coverage from 654,000 Ohioans, Save My Care announced a six-figure television ad buy to hold Representatives Jim Renacci, Pat Tiberi, and Steve Chabot accountable for their reckless vote to endanger the care of Ohio working families. A statewide ad buy will also call on Senator Rob Portman to vote against taking away Ohioans’ health care.

In the powerful testimonial television ad featuring Paula Chenevey, a Wooster, Ohio, resident battling breast cancer, she describes that she would be forced to stop treatment if Republicans are successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act. Representatives Renacci, Tiberi, and Chabot all voted to repeal health care reform and jeopardize 654,000 Ohioans’ access to the affordable and quality health care that Paula depends on.

In the ad, Paula is joined by her two grandchildren. The Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion enables her to afford ongoing treatment for her breast cancer. Her grandchildren ask Republicans in Congress to consider their grandmother’s life before repealing the health reform law.

“I have an aggressive stage IV metastatic breast cancer. It’s metastasized to brain and liver,” says Paula Chenevey in the ad running in Ohio. “The Affordable Care Act saved my life.”

Senator Voted to Confirm Dr. Heather Wilson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) voted to confirm Dr. Heather Wilson to serve as the Secretary of the Air Force, citing a productive meeting in April where Brown highlighted Ohio Air Force Base priorities. Brown is the co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Air Force Caucus.

“Ohio is home to several Air Force bases with unique missions and skilled workforces, so the relationship between my office and the Secretary of the Air Force is critical to maintaining jobs throughout Ohio and ensuring national security,” said Brown. “I look forward to showing Dr. Wilson the good work of Ohio men and women at our state’s Air Force installations so we can best support their efforts to keep our country safe.”

Brown met with Wilson last month and the two discussed the below priorities and Brown invited Wilson to visit Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base

Brown highlighted the need to upgrade the C-130H planes flown at the Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base.

Toledo Air National Guard Base

Brown urged Wilson to support funding needed at Toledo’s Air National Guard Base to make facility improvements for the 180th Wing to perform its Aerospace Control Alert mission. The funding would help install new hangars for F-16 aircraft that are needed to carry out the mission at Toledo.

Youngstown Air Reserve Station

Brown highlighted the need to upgrade the C-130H planes flown at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

LWV Statement on Trump’s “Election Integrity Commission”

Washington, DC – The League of Women Voters president, Chris Carson issued the following statement in response to reports that President Trump will announce an election commission to investigate false claims of widespread voter fraud in American elections:

“President Trump’s ‘Election Integrity Commission’ is an unnecessary distraction from the real work to protect against foreign hacking and interference in our electoral process. The real purpose of this effort is to justify President Trumps’ false claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2016 elections.

“This effort begins with a deep credibility gap. Commission members’ views on elections are well known and have been discredited as political ideologues with dangerous agendas. This is part of a wider effort to suppress the vote, keep certain politicians in power, and undermine our elections by spreading falsehoods.

“Today’s announcement is just another distraction from the real issues and we expect that any findings or recommendations from this Commission will only be used to make it harder for people to vote in the future.

“The White House is attempting to bury this Commission at a time when the nation and Congress are consumed with this administration’s own Russia scandal.

“The real problems with our electoral system are the suppressive laws that prevent eligible voters from access to the ballot. False claims of voter fraud have been used to push through more restrictive voting laws including voter ID, proof of citizenship requirements and limiting or reducing early voting opportunities.

“This administration is laying the groundwork to usher in widespread discrimination in our systems of voting and manipulate our democracy.”

“Like” the League on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter: @LWV and Instagram: @LeagueofWomenVoters

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

GOP tells firefighters with cancer: “It’s your fault”

COLUMBUS — Ohio House Democratic lawmakers expressed outrage regarding the latest version of the state workers’ compensation budget, House Bill 27, which adds new barriers to firefighters and their families seeking state assistance for work-related injuries, illnesses and death.

“We should be doing everything we can to take care of the people who risk their lives for our safety,” said Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) who serves on the House Insurance Committee. “Making it harder for them to access worker’s compensation to cover treatments for cancer caused by exposure to carcinogens on job is a reckless disregard for their health and well being.”

Today’s proposed restrictions follow the House’s December 2016 passage of extended workers’ compensation protections for firefighters who developed cancer as a result of work conditions. The bill creates a condition in which courts presumes the firefighter didn’t wear their protective gear correctly, resulting in the medical condition or cancer.

“Firefighters throughout Ohio stand up for all of us every day – we need to stand up for them,” Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus) said.

In committee, Democratic lawmakers said the attack on first responders seeking medical coverage will not only hurt first responders and their families, but it will increase healthcare costs as hospitals and doctors foot the bill for care that would otherwise be covered by the workers’ compensation system.

“I came to the legislature to do better for the people I have the honor of representing,” said Adam Miller (D-Columbus). “I am disappointed that spirit seems to get lost at times. There is no excuse for any lawmaker to put roadblocks to care for our first responders, many of whom proudly served our nation with honor on active duty in the U.S. military.

I am disappointed that spirit seems to get lost at times, especially now as Republican lawmakers are putting up roadblocks to care for our first responders.”

The new restrictions also halve the amount of time workers currently have to file a claim, something Democrats say could economically destabilizes thousands of Ohio families.

“The brave men and women who keep our families safe day in and day out deserve more than just access to healthcare,” said Rep. Kennedy Kent (D-Columbus). “They deserve thoughtful legislation at their Statehouse that focuses on growing our economy, keeping us safe and creating jobs. This is not one of those bills.”

Today’s planned committee vote for the bill was pushed back to next week by Republicans after the new restrictions garnered considerable criticism. Democratic lawmakers will propose changes to the bill removing the new restrictions.

From a Democratic email

Speaker Paul Ryan is coming to central Ohio (New Albany) May 10, and Democrats are rallying together to let him know how we feel about how hard he worked to pass Trumpcare — which would put hundreds of thousands of Ohioans at risk of losing their health coverage and cut more than $800 billion from Medicaid.

Bring your handmade signs, flags, drums, and noisemakers — we want to make sure Paul Ryan hears us!

Important Message from Laura Ingraham

American Veterans Center

Dear Patriot,

Some of you may know that my father was someone I looked up to and it just so happened to be he was a WWII veteran. He like millions of others in his generation answered the call of duty and fought for other people’s freedom thousands of miles away.

This year is the 75th anniversary of Jimmy Doolittle and the Tokyo Raider’s mission that no one thought was possible. This year we also remember the brave men that fought in Guadalcanal and Midway. In fact, for the next 4 years we as a nation will be recognizing the 75th anniversary of WWII.

You know who isn’t remembering our WWII veterans and the sacrifices they made this year? The country these men fought for. That’s right, the U.S. government is not recognizing the Greatest Generation this year which is likely the last major anniversary of World War II many of these men will see ever see.

That is one reason our nation has a National Memorial Day Parade. This Parade is the largest of its kind. It is broadcast on T.V., streamed online, attended by hundreds of thousands of people, and broadcast by Armed Forces Network tour troops around the world.

The fact is that these men and women marching in the parade aren’t doing this to be recognized. No, they have too much honor. They are doing this to ensure future generations won’t forget their friends that paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms and liberating countries around the world for so they could enjoy their freedoms.

This very well could be these WWII veterans’ last opportunity to march in the Parade in honor of those friends that never made it home. Will you help me cover the cost to get some WWII veterans to come to Washington, DC to march in the parade in order to honor their friends?

I know a lot of veterans can’t afford to travel across the country to be in the Parade. That’s why I’m working with the American Veterans Center, the non-profit group that organizes and pays for the Parade to get a group of WWII veterans around the region to come to the Parade to march in honor of their fallen brothers that never made it home.

In fact, the American Veterans Center has already found a great group of WWII veterans to be in the parade. They even received a gift of $5,000 from a donor to help pay for the cars to carry the large group of veterans in the Parade, now they just need to pay for the WWII vets to get TO DC!

For $50, the same pay as a buck private received for a month in WWII will allow us to get ONE veteran to DC to ride in the Parade.

I’d love to see a hundred World War II Veterans riding in the cars waving at the crowds and remembering their friends that they shared meals with, laughed with, and fought next to.

Think about it: imagine you’re a World War II veteran and you realize you may not have much more time left on God’s green earth. Wouldn’t you want the chance to ride in the NATIONAL Memorial Day Parade in honor of all your friends that didn’t make it back?

My father fought alongside some of these great men. He enlisted in the US Navy at 17 and served aboard the USS Long Island, which saw combat in the Pacific. At age 17!

I know if my father was alive today and was able to he’d be riding in this important Parade in memory of his friends that never made it home.

I hope you will consider a tax deductible gift to help The American Veterans Center which will bring some WWII veterans to Washington, DC to be in the parade to celebrate our living WWII veterans and remember all their friends who never made it home.

I want to make sure than the WWII veterans that are still left and the families of the fallen know America will always be grateful.

Please stand up and help us do what our government won’t, honor our veterans by supporting the American Veterans Center’s annual National Memorial Day Parade today.

I’m a proud donor of the American Veterans Center and I hope you will be too.

Thank you,

Laura Ingraham

P.S. The National Memorial Day Parade is the kick-off celebration for our WWII veterans. Our government isn’t doing anything to help. These World War II veterans don’t want to be in the Parade to be praised and honored, no they are there marching for their friends that never made it back home. Please stand up and show them while the nation will always remember our veterans and their friends who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Shocking pics of mob marching against Trump’s favorite cop

Sheriff David Clarke for U.S. Senate

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Fellow American Citizen,

I am pleased to announce that our campaign is up on eleven billboards all across Milwaukee with this simple but strong message: “He Protects Citizens … not Alien Criminals.”

Within a few days you will hear of us being up on radio as well with a similar message. Listen for it!

You would think this simple message would be something no American would object to: shockingly, you would be wrong.

Our office has been flooded with obscene calls, vulgar Facebook postings, and emails SCREAMING how racist and bigoted we are for — well, for wanting Americans to be protected from the criminal acts of people who aren’t even supposed to be here in the first place!

Now that the liberals have (sadly) taken out Sheriff Joe Arpaio down in Arizona, Sheriff David Clarke is the leading voice in American law enforcement on issues surrounding the deportation of illegal aliens — especially those who commit crimes against Americans (and even other illegals!) but who are still here in America EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF THOSE CRIMES!

Is that baffling? Yes. President Trump’s fantastic Attorney General (my old boss Jeff Sessions!) continues to point out that this is already federal law! If you are convicted of a serious crime as defined by the law, you gotta go back where you belong in the first place! It was passed by a bipartisan coalition, and by an enormous margin.

This is both common sense and federal law: but if you suggest that the law be followed, you, sir, are a racist, and a bigot, and a jingo. You’re a “white nationalist” who’s part of the “alt right.” Or, if you‘re Sheriff Clarke, you’re a “Nazi coon”: that’s their favorite tag for David, when these scumbag liberal rabble rousers leave comments on our Facebook page.

That’s right. Their way of accusing Sheriff Clarke of being bigoted (against CONVICTED criminals) is to call HIM a Nazi coon. Such is their reasoning.

Remember: the hard Left nimrods running Milwaukee’s government have declared Milwaukee a “Sanctuary City” and the schools “Sanctuary Schools” — safe havens where illegals who have been convicted of murder, gun running, dope dealing, rape, and robbery since coming to American unlawfully can hide for the rest of their natural lives, or until they themselves get murdered in another drug deal gone bad.

It’s INSANITY. There is no other word for such idiocy.

I’m sick of it, I think this country is sick of it, Sheriff Clarke is sick of it, and he’s doing something about it. He’s asked that every one of his Deputies be authorized under a specific federal program to assist in the deportation of illegal alien convicted criminals who have once again found their way back to the Milwaukee County Jail.

It’s a simple program. If you come into the Milwaukee jail and you’re on the list of illegals who were supposed to have been deported because you committed serious crimes while in America, Sheriff Clarke’s deputies would assist in detaining you for a quick trip home. Makes sense, right?

Take a look at the response from the Left. The photograph below is a shot of the tens of thousands of assorted criminals, illegal aliens, deportables, and miscellaneous Mexican flag-waving types who marched on Sheriff Clarke’s office in Milwaukee, demanding that he be removed from office. What gall!

This revolting display of anarchy also included several hundred of the typical confused and marginalized American university professors, pot heads, and other miscreants who have fought tooth and nail for years to hide these deportables from the long arm of the law. Yes, a lot of them were bused in from elsewhere, but Milwaukee seems to be full of godless liberals whose main fetish is to harbor these criminal illegals, and help them escape from justice.

The Left likes to call these aliens “undocumented.” Except THESE particular alien interlopers are NOT undocumented. They were specifically and carefully documented when they were convicted in an American court of acts of violence against others while in this country — convicted despite being given every advantage of due process, and an American lawyer paid for by you, the taxpayer.

And that’s not all you paid for. You paid for their food and their shelter and their medical care while they were in the jail, and for welfare for their dependents and free public education for their kids. And when you were their victims, you paid with your property or your lives.

Imagine how Sheriff Clarke must have felt when these anarchist hoards made their assault on his office, brandishing posters of his face and saying terrible things about him and what things must be done to him — all because he supports the enforcement of existing American law.

But Sheriff Clarke could not be intimidated. He then wrote a letter to the extremist dweebs who run Milwaukee County government DEMANDING that they rescind the proclamation naming Milwaukee a sanctuary county and the Milwaukee public schools safe havens for criminal deportables. This comes at a time when crime is nearing an all-time high in the city of Milwaukee. Any wonder why?

Sheriff Clarke further demanded that the County sever its corrupt ties with what he called the “slimy, pro-illegal immigration organization Voces de la Frontera,” which he said “advocates for criminal illegal aliens to remain in Milwaukee County no matter what crimes they have committed.”

I’ll say it again: I love this man. What other Sheriff in America has such guts?

And part of the reason President Trump just signed a stop gap spending bill that does not fund The Wall or defund Sanctuary Cities is that President Trump knew he did not have a majority of Senators who had the guts to back him up.

We want to end that. We want to send a fearless, hard-charging conservative into the D.C. swamp to shake that town up once and for all. Sheriff David Clarke will do exactly that. Do you have any doubt what Senator Clarke would say about funding Planned Parenthood, but not a protective border wall?

Local Milwaukee news reporters recently interviewed some lady going by the name of “Ortiz” who claimed credit for being an organizer of the siege march on Sheriff Clarke’s office. She said Clarke’s letter to Milwaukee elected officials was a “tantrum” that shows “how isolated and desperate he has become.”

Is that true? Is Sheriff Clarke alone and isolated in his fight to protect law abiding American citizens from convicted criminal aliens? When it comes to Trump’s Deplorables fighting Hillary’s Deportables, which side are you on?

Do you stand with the Sheriff? Do you think, as I do, that he will make an outstanding Senator who will be remembered for the ages as the man who stood up and made a difference when America was crying out for a leader on this issue?

If you’re on our team, please help show your support by sending a donation today that is as generous and effective as you can reasonably make it. With liberal extremist Tammy Baldwin raising millions from the open borders lobby, LGBTQ radicals, and Black Lives Matter terrorists, I assure you that every penny counts.

I agree with one thing that crazy Latino anarchist said about Sheriff Clarke: I do think he is desperate right now. Desperate to convince other Americans to stand up to the Left as he has done, even when doing so has meant that tens of thousands of them descend upon his office demanding his head.

I think he’s desperate to know that at least SOME of us have his back in this fight. for the preservation of the safety of our citizens, and the heart and soul of American culture.

I’m desperate to find such people, too, because those are the kinds of supporters we need to put David Clarke in the Senate. Help us raise a war chest to put up a defense against the blood money Baldwin is already raising. Will you help us pay for the $20,000 billboard campaign we just started in Wisconsin?

For America,

Jack W. Daly, Esq. National Chairman

U.S. Army Veteran, f’mr Congressional Chief of Staff and Counsel to Senator Jeff Sessions

P.S. Sheriff Clarke says “these rat bastards on the Left never give up” and they’re “trying to slit my throat personally and politically.” Will you help us fight back? These billboards are costing us $20,000 in their initial run. Will you help us pay for them?

Tiberi Statement on the Shooting Death of Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Disario

Congressman Pat Tiberi issued the following statement following the death of Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Disario:

“This is a tragic and heartbreaking day in Kirkersville. Denice and I are praying for the victims, our fallen officer Chief Steven Disario, his family and for law enforcement officers everywhere. In the wake of such senseless and horrifying violence, may we find hope in the strength of our neighbors and continue to hold the entire community of Kirkersville closely to our hearts.”

Dear Friend of the National Parks

In a close call, the U.S. Senate voted to keep a rule limiting the amount of dangerous methane emitted into the air from natural gas production on federal and tribal lands. Gas leaks, the burning off of gas, and the intentional venting of gas threaten national park air quality and the health of park visitors.

It’s an incredible victory for national parks, and it’s thanks to you!

NPCA has worked tirelessly to keep this rule in place. Thanks to thousands of us speaking out, our senators heard loud and clear that we want park air and visitor health protected.

Your voice matters! Let’s keep up the momentum to protect some of our nation’s most important and beloved places.

Though this important vote was a win for national parks, the fight to keep our public lands and natural resources protected is far from over. The Trump administration has signaled that it will review this rule and several others that have implications for the health and protection of our parks.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so we can continue to fight this and other ongoing threats to our national parks.

Connie Pillich Warns Trump on “Cover Up War” in Light of Comey Firing

Ohio Gubernatorial candidate and Air Force veteran Pillich threatens ‘state of emergency’ to withhold National Guard use from Trump

Columbus, OH — Today, former State Representative, former US Air Force Captain, and current Democratic candidate for governor joined voices across the country in calling for a special prosecutor in light of FBI Director James Comey’s firing. Pillich warned that should President Trump engage in pre-emptive military action without Congressional approval in order to cover up a scandal or other improper act by Donald Trump or his associates, she would take the bold steps of declaring a state of emergency to withhold National Guard forces from being deployed overseas.

“Let me be clear, should President Trump act unilaterally and enter into an unjust war to cover-up and distract the American public, I as governor, will not allow the lives of Ohio National Guard troops to be sacrificed in such a conflict,” said Connie Pillich. “Absent an affirmative act of Congress supported by both Democrats and Republicans, I will exercise my authority as governor to declare a state of emergency. Thereby, as commander-in-chief of the Ohio National Guard, I will stop the deployment of those brave men and women from being used as part of a coverup war. “

Pillich called on governors, and gubernatorial candidates, from around the country to join her in demanding a special prosecutor and to commit to withholding National Guard troops, should the President embark in military conflict to coverup or distract from the criminal investigation.

Her remarks:

“Thank you for joining me today. I’ve called this press conference because we are living in unprecedented and, yes, dangerous times.

“No matter what you think of FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump firing the man investigating him for potential collusion with a foreign power creates the foundation for a constitutional crisis and calls into question the legitimacy of the President.

“I’m standing here today to not only join the many voices demanding that Congress appoint a special prosecutor – that is a given. We must investigate whether or not officials from the Trump campaign were improperly and illegally working with foreign agents to sway the results of the Election. And the President handpicking the person to lead the investigation into his own campaign and administration reeks of the illegal tactics one would expect from a third world regime, not the United States of America.

“But even more importantly than that, I am here today as a candidate for governor who may soon be entrusted with the lives of Ohio’s national guard troops who would serve under my command.

“It causes me grave concern that this president has proven he will do whatever it takes to distract attention and cover up one scandal with another – and the ultimate tactic of any strongman is to go to war to hide scandals at home.

“This is not without precedent even among our own allies. In 2015, Turkish President Erdogan found himself losing his re-election campaign, so he went to war against the Kurds under the guise of fighting terrorism – creating a distraction and a climate of fear as he waged an unnecessary war.

“Since taking office, President Trump has governed by distraction – and now it is not implausible that President Trump will employ these same diversionary tactics and begin armed hostilities against a foreign country when the heat and attention of his latest scandal or failure becomes too hot.

“Let me be clear, should President Trump act unilaterally and enter into an unjust war to cover-up and distract the American public, I as Governor, will not allow the lives of Ohio National Guard troops to be sacrificed in such a conflict. Absent an affirmative act of Congress supported by both Democrats and Republicans, I will exercise my authority as governor to declare a state of emergency. Thereby, as commander-in-chief of the Ohio National Guard, I will stop the deployment of those brave men and women from being used as part of a coverup war.

“The men and women of the armed services, in which I proudly served, have an honorable tradition of going wherever they are sent and to fight wherever they are asked. And if our country were to come under attack by either terrorists or a foreign nation, I would strongly support swift and decisive action to protect the United States and its citizens at home and abroad.

“But as an Air Force veteran, I also know that we cannot ask parents to send their brave sons and daughters in uniform overseas to fight an unjust war of distraction waged only for the political gain of the President. That would be unconscionable.

“As governor, not a single soldier in the Ohio National Guard will be used in President Trump’s political theater and sacrificed in a cover up war. Not on my watch.

“If challenged, my administration will pursue all legal avenues to protect Ohioans and the rule of law from President Trump and his administration.

“But Ohio cannot do this alone. Today I am also calling upon every United States governor and candidate for governor to join me in this commitment to protecting our armed forces from any war meant to cover up President Trump’s scandals at home. And I am further calling upon every member of Congress in Ohio and across the country to live up to your duty as protectors and defenders of the Constitution and join me in calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the actions of the President and his presidential campaign.

“The stakes have never been higher. Thank you.”

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