Defending Bears Ears NM

Staff Report

Bears Ears National Monument is a site in southern Utah rich in cultural resources, with stunning scenic views and excellent opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding and more. And unfortunately, it’s under threat!

NPCA and its supporters were part of a transparent, multi-year designation process to protect this special site, which garnered broad public support in Utah and across the country, including endorsements from tribal communities in the region. And yet the Trump administration issued an executive order that may alter the size of or even attempt to eliminate Bears Ears National Monument.

We cannot allow this to happen at Bears Ears or any national monument. An attack on one is an attack on all.

Take action TODAY and stand with Bears Ears!

Bears Ears shares a landscape with Canyonlands National Park and other national park sites. Together, Bears Ears protects 100,000 archaeological and cultural sites and honors the voices of five tribes who sought protection of their ancestral lands and traditions. In addition, the monument better safeguards the region from threats of mining and oil and gas drilling.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will take comments on the monument until May 26, 2017, after which time he is required to make a recommendation to President Trump on the future of Bears Ears National Monument. Help us urge him to let the monument and the protections for this incredible place stand.

National monuments belong to all Americans, and it is up to all Americans to protect them. Join us in ensuring this important place remains protected by sending your comments to Secretary Zinke. And stay tuned for additional opportunities to take action, as we continue this fight.

Thank you for supporting Bears Ears, and all our public lands.


Theresa Pierno, NPCA President and CEO

Theresa Pierno

President and CEO

Photo: Bears Ears at sunset. © Tim Peterson.

Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by the NPCA.

Information for this story was provided by the NPCA.