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Dynamic vocalist and former frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, passed away at the age of 52. Nielsen Music is sharing some insights into Mr. Cornell’s long and successful career in music.

Across his entire catalog (includes solo albums, Soundgarden and Audioslave), Mr. Cornell sold 14,865,000 albums. He also sold 8,808,000 digital songs and had 300,091,000 on-demand audio streams.


Albums sold: 8,766,000

Best Sellers: Superunknown (3,859,000), Badmotorfinger (1,615,000), Down on the Upside (1,606,000)

Digital Songs sold: 3,802,000

Best Sellers: Black Hole Sun (1,044,000), Spoonman (431,000), Fell on Black Days (420,000)

On-Demand Audio Streams: 137,901,000

Most Streamed: Black Hole Sun (45,406,000), Spoonman (14,923,000), Fell on Black Days (13,733,000)


Albums sold: 5,297,000

Best Sellers: Audioslave (3,547,000), Out of Exile (1,217,000)

Digital Songs sold: 3,878,000

Best Sellers: Like a Stone (908,000), Be Yourself (468,000)

On-Demand Audio Streams: 130,828,000

Most Streamed: Like a Stone (31,751,000), Show Me How to Live (19,644,000)

Chris Cornell

Albums sold: 802,000

Best Sellers: Euphoria Morning (393,000), Out of Exile (1,217,000)

Digital Songs sold: 1,128,000

Best Sellers: You Know My Name (323,000), Billie Jean (125,000)

On-Demand Audio Streams: 31,362,000

Most Streamed: Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart (5,511,000), You Know My Name (3,461,000)

Staff Report