Smart homes becoming popular

Staff Report

Smart homes: 41% of people already adopted the technology

The market for smart home solutions is promising and nearly half of Americans consider themselves to be tech-savvy, according to ReportLinker’s latest research.

ReportLinker conducted this new survey to answer the following questions:

  • Are people ready to adopt smart home solutions?
  • What are the main benefits of these devices?
  • What attracts people to turn their houses into smart ones?
  • And what are the main drawbacks?

Key findings show that:

  • 41% of people already own smart home devices
  • Consumers’ favourite smart devices are connected appliances (20%), thermostats (16%), security (12%) & lighting solutions (10%)
  • 36% of people who own smart homes said it makes their life easier, while 27% mentioned making savings on their energy bill
  • Others say the main benefits are the ease of use, an increased safety of their home and the positive impact on the re-sale value of their property.
  • Almost half (48%), manage their solutions via an app, compared to 17% who use a wall-mounted terminal and 13% who use tablets.
  • For voice assistant owners, the most popular uses are playing music or videos (63%), getting the weather report (47%), or listening to the news (32%).

Finally, for those who are more reluctant:

  • 29% mention the high cost
  • 26% don’t see the benefits of such devices
  • And 25% have privacy concerns about their data.

Staff Report