Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Staff Report

Americans are the biggest ice cream consumers in the world, eating approximately 48 pints every year. Just in time for National Ice Cream Day (July 16), Meijer is helping everyone celebrate this classic treat with its Purple Cow ice cream. This Meijer favorite dates back to 1934 and now offers more than 40 different flavors.

You can probably guess that caramel and hot fudge are ranked among the most favorite ice cream toppings, but did you know:

· Ice cream lovers also top their scoops and cones with habanero-pineapple sauce, fresh buttered popcorn, potato chips and chocolate syrup, and olive oil.

· Meijer sells more than three Olympic swimming pools worth of Purple Cow ice cream every year.

· If you lined up every package of Purple Cow ice cream sold last year, it would reach more than 439 miles.


Staff Report