Local Delaware Births

Emily and Cody Campbell, a girl, Andi Campbell, 4/24

Alli and Joe Colvin, a girl, Waylynn Colvin, 5/8

Shania Tuckosh and Jordan Durr, a boy, Jaylon Durr, 5/10

Shelly Bennett and Adam Zinn, a boy, Jordan Zinn, 5/11

Kyleigh and Daniel Miller, a girl, Layla Miller, 5/16

Tara and Chris Jenkins, a girl, Brianna, 5/25

Erika and Robert Maxwell, a girl, Grace, 5/25

Brittany Hannen and Aaron Fosher of Delaware, a boy, Brayden Fosher, 6/22

Jocelyn and Matthew Akers of Delaware, a boy, Elijah Akers, 6/23

Laura and Brandon Carpenter, a boy, Wyatt Carpenter, 6/28

Tina Holquist and Jacob Howell, a girl, Leeyah Howell, 7/11

Mercedes Colby and Freddy Graham, a boy, Kayson Graham, 7/11

Ruthann and Colin Thomas, a girl, Fallon Thomas, 7/14

Sharon Moore and Curtis McNew, a girl, Brianna Moore, 7/14

Lindsay and Seth Cooper, a girl, Kaylyn Cooper, 7/15


Source: Grady Memorial Hospital

Source: Grady Memorial Hospital