Local Task Force Seizes Drugs

Staff Report

It was a recent routine crash investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) that led to a collaboration with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) Drug Task Force, resulting in the seizure of 248 grams of heroin and a civil forfeiture of $49,800.

When Delaware County medics were treating the driver for injuries sustained in the crash, they discovered money concealed on her body. As the investigation ensued, DCSO Drug Task Force detectives and OSHP began to unravel damaging information related to drug activity.

“Delaware County Sheriff Russ Martin and the Drug Task Force are excellent law enforcement partners” said Colonel Paul Pride, OSHP Superintendent.

“By collaborating and sharing resources, we will continue to remove dangerous drugs from our communities.”

The multi-agency Drug Task Force is coordinated by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office and consists of local law enforcement agencies from within Delaware County. Once a case is closed, any seized funds are divided among the member agencies to assist with future drug enforcement and education efforts.

“In this case, even more importantly than the financial disbursement, is the strong partnership between our two agencies,” said Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin. “When we build these long-term relationships, we’re even more successful getting drugs off the streets, solving crimes, and protecting citizens.”


Staff Report