Local School Supply Lists Now Available on TeacherLists

Parents from local schools have a new tool in their back-to-school bag of tricks this year as all of their school’s supply lists are now posted on TeacherLists.com.

With just one or two clicks, parents can find their child’s exact supply list and then click right over to pre-filled shopping carts on Target, Walmart, Jet.com or Amazon to purchase their list and have it shipped right to their home. Target and Walmart also offer in store pick-up. Super easy, super convenient.

The site already includes lists for:

  • Alcott Elementary, Westerville
  • Alum Creek Elementary School, Lewis Center
  • Arrowhead Elementary, Lewis Center
  • Big Walnut Elementary, Sunbury
  • Big Walnut Intermediate School, Sunbury
  • Big Walnut Middle School, Sunbury
  • Centerburg High School, Centerburg
  • Fouse Elementary School, Westerville
  • Freedom Trail Elementary, Lewis Center
  • General Rosecrans Elementary, Sunbury
  • Genoa Christian Academy, Westerville
  • Glen Oak Elementary, Lewis Center
  • Harrison St Elementary, Sunbury
  • Highland Middle School, Marengo
  • Hylen Souders Elementary, Galena
  • Johnnycake Corners Elementary School, Galena
  • Oak Creek Elementary School, Lewis Center
  • Olentangy Berkshire Middle School, Galena
  • Olentangy Meadows Elementary School, Lewis Center
  • Olentangy Orange Middle School, Lewis Center
  • Olentangy Shanahan Middle School, Lewis Center
  • Polaris Christian Academy, Lewis Center
  • Robert Frost Elementary, Westerville
  • St Paul School, Westerville
  • Walnut Creek Elementary School, Galena

“For decades, the supply list process has been a frustration for parents,” points out TeacherLists President, John Driscoll. “Where to find the lists? When are they available? Forgetting the list on the counter at home. Hunting the isles for the specific items their teacher has requested. All of those issues are solved with TeacherLists”

More than 50,000 schools now have lists posted on TeacherLists. Lists for more than 1 million classrooms are live on the site and include required and requested items as well as specific notes and clarifications from teachers and school staff.

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Staff Report

Complete details and all the lists are available at www.teacherlists.com/parents