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I-270 SB between Easton Way & Hamilton Road

7 PM: I-270 SB will reduce to three lanes

8 PM: I-270 SB will reduce to two lanes

8 PM: Ramp from US-62 WB to I-270 SB will close

Detour: US-62 WB to I-270 NB to Morse Road to I-270 SB

11 PM: I-270 SB will reduce to one lane

5 AM: All lanes and ramps open

SR 315

Ramp from SR 315 NB to Medical Center Drive will CLOSE

9 PM: Ramp from Medical Center Drive to SR 315 NB will close nightly

Detour: SR 315 NB to Lane Avenue exit EB to Olentangy River Road SB to John Herrick EB to Cannon Drive SB to Medical Center Drive

5 AM: Ramp open

COMPLETION: October 22

Twin Rivers Drive is Now Open

Twin Rivers Drive closed south of Goodale on July 31 for 45 days.

It’s now OPEN, just in time for this evening’s commute. SEPT 21

Police Incident on I-71 North Delaware County

Delaware County: I-71 north just north of the 36-37 interchange is reduced to two lanes for a police incident.

Duration: Unknown (Sept. 14)

SR 315 at Olentangy River Rd. in Franklin County


SR 315 SB at Olentangy River Road

7 PM: Olentangy River Road will be reduced to one lane SB between the ramps at SR 315 south and Goodale Blvd.

10 PM: Olentangy River Road is open to two lanes SB.

10 PM: The ramp from SR 315 south to Olentangy River Road will close. The detour is SR 315 south to Greenlawn Ave. to SR 315 north to Goodale.

2 AM: The ramp is open.


Goodale Blvd. is reduced to one lane eastbound at the Olentangy River Rd. intersection.

Olentangy River Road is reduced to two lanes SB and one lane NB between Goodale Blvd. and the ramps at SR 315 south.

The sidwewalk along the south side of Goodale Blvd. will be closed and pedestrian traffic will be detoured to the north side of the road.

Twin Rivers Drive remains closed south of Goodale. The detour is US 33 (Dublin Rd.) to Twin Rivers Dr.

Completion: September 14

SR 315 SB is shifted closer to the median north of I-670. Both lanes will be maintained.

Work to widen the SR 315 SB ramp to Olentangy River Rd. is underway. The ramp will remain one lane at the traffic signal.

Completion: October 31

Staff Reports