Harlem still considering single trash hauler

Trash committee says residents not in favor

By Lenny C. Lepola - newsguy@ee.net

Members of the Harlem Township Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, June 17, at the Harlem Township Hall and Firehouse with trustees Carl Richison, Jerry Paul and Dave Jackson present. In chambers for the session were Dale Fling, Chief, Harlem Division of Fire; Vicki Tieche; Linda Allaby; Raelena Allaby; Raelene Meadows; Joni Manson; Mitch Revoir; Terry Day; Dave Snyder and Jim Sommerfield.

It was reported that members of the township’s trash committee put in a significant amount of effort and research to see if Harlem Township residents would like to go with a single trash hauler. It was noted that during three meetings open to residents the consensus was township residents did not want a single hauler.

The committee suggested that an information booth be set up at this year’s Harlem Township Heritage Days.

Trustee Richison suggested that that the trash committee panel put in writing a formal recommendation. He also suggested that the trash issue be tabled till after Harlem Days.

Vicki Tieche said that $6,500 has been collected for the Harlem School Memorial.

The trustees temporarily recessed the regular portion of the business meeting to hold the hearing of Jack Clark of 2830 South Ohio 605 to rezone 9.157 acres from AR-1 to FR-1.

The trustees reviewed the application and the accompanying documents from the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission and the Harlem Township Zoning Commission. After discussion and review trustee Jackson motioned to approve Clark’s application. Motion approved.

In his report to the board, Chief Fling reported Harlem Division of Fire runs to date through June 17: Fire 78, EMS 134, total 212.

The township’s property and liability insurance was due in June. After discussion the trustees agreed to renew the township’s Ohio Plan insurance with Rinehart-Walters-Danners Insurance agency for $16,206 annually.

The trustees also approved cash in lieu of health benefits policy for qualifying elected officials and full-time employees of the township, effective June 17.

It was announced that Red Bank Road would be closed south of Center Village Road between July 13 and July 30.

The trustees approved an Ohio Public Works Commission Grant application for Trenton Road to be submitted at a cost of $336,733.52 with a 10 percent contingency. The township share is 14.6 percent, or $54,085.00; Delaware County’s share is 13.4 percent, or $49,640.48; and the remaining share will be OPWC Grant money.

Trustee Jackson made a motion to accept the application of Jerry Turner of Mead, Oklahoma seeking to rezone 8.58 acres from the current zoning AR-1 to FR-1 to proposed Planned Commercial Development (PCD) for a tree farm and landscaping business. The property’s physical address of the property is 6336 Ohio 605. A zoning hearing was scheduled for July 15.

The trustees accepted a letter of resignation as a full time firefighter/paramedic from Jake Caito. Caito will remain with the department on a part-time basis.

The trustees hired part-time firefighter/paramedic Brandon Rodgers as a full-time member to the Division of Fire.

Trash committee says residents not in favor

By Lenny C. Lepola


Reporter Lenny C. Lepola may be reached at 614-266-6093.

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola may be reached at 614-266-6093.