Sunbury Council OKs contracts

By Gary Budzak -



In what was described by staff as a “marathon session,” Village Council approved several contracts at a 2.5-hour meeting on Nov. 15.

The Finance Committee heard Eric Dehays of Local Waste Services pitch two one-year contract extensions with a 2-percent increase each year. The amount would increase from $11.25 per home per month to $11.48 and then $11.71. Dehays said that was still “one of the lowest prices in central Ohio,” noting that some competitors’ prices ranged from $16 to $25 per home per month.

“If you’re happy with us, we would love to have your business for another two years. We’re local. There needs to be a local hauler. When you think of trash, think of me,” Dehays said.

Dave Martin, who was recently appointed to the council following the death of Dave Miller, noted the trash hauler had a 10-percent senior discount.

Later that night, council approved a one-year contract extension with Local Waste.

Council also discussed a new contract with Birch Hydro for sludge hauling. The three-year contract would be an increase of about $4 a ton more, from $22.85 currently to $26.50.

“They’re really the only game in town,” Administrator Allen Rothermel said of the vendor. “It can be done by a local farmer, but would require a lot of paperwork.”

“When we need it gone, it needs to be gone,” agreed Mayor Tommy Hatfield.

Next discussed was a new health insurance plan through UnitedHealthcare. The recommendations were for a Flex plan and a Health Savings Account.

“No matter what we do, the price is going up,” said councilman Scott Weatherby.

Council approved a three-year contract with Capital Energy to provide electricity for the Village. Capital was recommended by Scott Belcastro of Trebel, LLC after a comparison with other providers.

“This is getting harder to explain how much we’re really saving,” Hatfield said of the electricity aggregation services. “I worry about being locked in.”

Council next approved the purchase of a police cruiser for $32,249; and a law enforcement outfitting package for a police cruiser for $16,674.61.

Also approved was a four-year contract with Civic Plus to upgrade the Village’s website. The contract is $16,000 for the first year, and $3,800 per year for maintenance the next three years.

Finally, contract addenda were approved for Rothermel and Fiscal Officer Kathy Belcher.


By Gary Budzak