Sunbury 4-H Club’s 65th Year

By Suzanne Allen - Special to The Sunbury News

Sunbury Halter and Saddle 4-H Medal Winners pose for a photo.

Sunbury Halter and Saddle 4-H Medal Winners pose for a photo.

The Sunbury Halter and Saddle 4-H Club had a busy two-week period to end its 65th year. The club formed in 1952.

Halter & Saddle advisors and members attended and received awards at the 70th Annual Delaware County 4-H Volunteer and Member Recognition Banquet at All Occasions in Waldo on November 28.

Club Member and President, Jocelyn Cardi, was presented with the Paul Cunningham Leadership Award. She also won the Horse Project Award. Lily Bauman received a certificate for the Horse Project Award. Olivia Cardi received a certificate for the Dog Project Award. Club advisors, Kerri Edwards and Lisa Bauman, received their first year advisor pins; Terry Glassford, advisor for eight years; Kathy St. Jean, 28 years; and Suzanne Allen, 50 years.

On December 2, club members, advisors, and parents participated in the Sunbury Christmas Parade with their lighted horse on Jessica and Emma Haynes’ family truck. Following the truck were members with miniature horses and project dogs along with parents and advisors.

The Sunbury Halter & Saddle 4-H Club Achievement Banquet was held at Berkshire Township Hall on Dec. 4. After a pot luck supper, county pins and certificates were awarded to members. Bill Comisford, president of the Big Walnut Area Historical Society, presented certificates to those members who participated in the Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day soldier tributes to those soldiers of the Korea Police Action and Vietnam War buried in Burnside and Sunbury Cemeteries.

The club presented a donation to the American Legion Post 457 to buy veteran flag holders. 4-H medals were presented to members for demonstrating showmanship of their projects. Those awarded medals were Jonathan, Joel, Lily, and Lena Bauman; Adriana James; Maura Flanagan; Brandon Edwards; Emma and Jessica Haynes; Jocie and Olivia Cardi; Madison Laughery; Kelsey Clarkson; Dylan Delany; Gage Price; Leah and Lily Hohenbrink; Caleb Chiemelewski; Emma Blair; Avery McEnally; Alexis Giraud; Katrianna Wheeler; Tara, Tyler, and Trevor Shuster; Evelyn Sarle; Abby and Hannah Risoya. Advisor medals went to Kathy St.Jean, Kerri Edwards, Lisa Bauman, Terry Glassford, and Suzanne Allen.

A medal was presented to Lenny Lepola for his many years of club photographs and Sunbury News articles on club events.

The group presented a card to club alumnus, Kevin St. Jean, who recovered from his long illness and hospital stay. A planter from the club was sent to him during his hospital stay. The group welcomed him back to club events.

The club will meet at the Berkshire Township Hall for the first 2018 meeting on February 6 when the members will make Valentines for a nursing home.

Sunbury Halter and Saddle 4-H Medal Winners pose for a photo. Halter and Saddle 4-H Medal Winners pose for a photo.

By Suzanne Allen

Special to The Sunbury News