Wizards slam-dunk All-Stars with 98-78 loss

By Lenny C. Lepola - newsguy@ee.net

The Harlem Wizards defeated the Big Walnut All-Stars 98-78 at Big Walnut High School March 2, bringing the All-Stars’ 2016 season to a close.

All-Stars head coach Angie Pollock said the off-season would be spent practicing fundamentals.

“It was the turnovers that hurt us” Pollock said. “We’re going to have to protect the ball better next season.”

Pollock said she’s confident the All-Stars will do better next year. She said the team is young with no graduating seniors, and she’s looking at her bench and making some changes in the starting lineup.

“I know we have the talent,” Pollock said. “But we have the same problem that we had last year – too much time in the classroom, not enough time in the gym. That’s something I’m going to take a look at.”

Members of the 2016 Big Walnut All-Stars squad are: Mendi Priestas and Mark Adams from Harrison Street Elementary, Brett Bartlett and Doug Eckelbarger from Big Walnut Middle School, Joe Weaver and Kristin Kovak from Big Walnut High School, Joe Evener and Rachel Middleman from Big Walnut Intermediate School, AJ Hoffman and Awny Kingsley from Hylen Souders Elementary, Josh Patterson and Lisa Shaw from General Rosecrans Elementary, and Charlie Brodhead and Mika George from Big Walnut Elementary.

Big Walnut High boys varsity basketball team seniors Darius Watson and Josh Seabrook officiated the game. Tyler Lacy sang the national anthem.


By Lenny C. Lepola


Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.

Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.