John Russell Endorsed by Justice Democrats


Russell speaks at a “Town Hall” meeting at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Russell speaks at a “Town Hall” meeting at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Progressive Political Organization Backs Russell

GALENA — The Russell campaign is proud to announce that Justice Democrats, one of the country’s leading progressive political organizations, has endorsed John Russell in his race for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District.

Supporting current U.S. Representatives, such as Pramila Jayapal and Ro Khanna, and new progressive faces, such as Wisconsin’s Randy Bryce, Justice Democrats has backed a slate of candidates across the country that are committed to running for voters, not donors. The organization has a stated goal of reforming the Democratic Party by supporting progressive, populist candidates who reject corporate donations, support a $15 minimum wage and will fight for universal healthcare in Congress.

“I am proud to have received an endorsement from Justice Democrats,” Russell said. “They represent a new kind of politics, one that champions the progressive ideals that I have built my campaign around. Their endorsement tells me that our campaign is doing things the right way.”

Russell is the only candidate in Ohio to receive an endorsement from Justice Democrats. Their belief that Democrats with a strong message have the best shot of winning, regardless of whether a district is red or blue, is a belief that has defined the Russell campaign.

“Since day one, we’ve told folks that in order to win this seat, we need a message that speaks to the entire district,” Russell said. “I am in this race to fight for everyone who can’t afford to buy a politician. Voters in the 12th district and across the country deserve higher pay, better healthcare, secure retirement, and debt-free public education. I’m proud to stand with Justice Dems to fight for all of those priorities.”

This endorsement, along with a recent ‘Gun Sense Candidate’ distinction from Moms Demand Action, and previous endorsements from former State Reps Connie Pillich and Marian Harris, former Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy, and Westerville Councilwoman Valerie Cumming, has the Russell campaign excited for the May 8th Primary. They believe that these endorsements are a clear demonstration that a progressive candidate is able to win the 12th District.

“Democratic strategists love to target districts that Clinton won but are held by a Republican, and that’s certainly a valid strategy” declared Isaac Bacon, Russell’s campaign manger. “But when you’re looking at districts like the 12th, districts that have been establishment Republican strongholds for years that also went for Trump, a typical Democratic candidate is going to struggle. In order for a Democrat to win, they have to activate the base and also find a coalition of typical republican voters to break. John has the progressive vision to motivate the base, combined with an economic populist message that will appeal to the majority of voters that feel left out of both parties.”

Russell speaks at a “Town Hall” meeting at Ohio Wesleyan University. speaks at a “Town Hall” meeting at Ohio Wesleyan University.