Sunbury doing street micro seal test

Application should extend road life span

By Lenny C. Lepola -

During a discussion that began at the June 15 Sunbury Village Council finance committee meeting and carried over into the regular council session, council members agreed to a test program for extending the lifespan of village streets.

Council members agreed to spend $25,000 to apply a micro-seal product to two test sections of roads at their midlife to determine if the application would extend the time between costly mill and fill repairs.

Strawser Construction will do a Type 2 Crack Seal and micro surfacing on Heartland Court from Field Meadows to Woodchuck Drive, and on Field Meadows from Fairland Drive to Woodchuck Drive.

Strawser’s estimate indicates that the application would extend the roadway’s life for six to eight years.

Sunbury’s consulting engineer, Wes Hall of CT Consultants, said even though it’s just a test run, he’s comfortable with the product and the process for extending pavement life.

“We could then identify multiple streets to do in 2017,” Hall said. “This is much less expensive than doing a mill and fill.”

Council members approved another $5,000 for Strawser to crack seal near the State Route 3 entrance of Sunbury Meadows.

Sunbury received a 2016 Ohio Public Works Commission Grant for paving Otis Street, Rainbow Avenue, and a stretch of East Cherry Street east of Morning Street.

Hall said sidewalk steps at two intersections – Otis and North streets, and Otis and High streets – have to be removed because they are not ADA compliant.

“Those sidewalks need retaining walls and a sloped ramp,” Hall said. “We’ll have a survey crew out to look at them and design a solution. It will probably be mid-July when the project goes out to bid.”

The $515,000 project has a $180,000 local match, an $85,000 interest-free OPWC loan, and the remainder of the project cost will be funded by a $250,000 OPWC grant.

State Route 37 goes through Sunbury but, as a state route, it’s maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Hall said ODOT is planning to repave SR 37 in 2017, but there would be some cost to the village.

“ODOT will mill and fill 37, but ramps and curb repairs are the responsibility of the village,” Hall said. “We’re estimating $20,000 for curbs and ramps plus $22,000 for some full depth repair.”

Hall said replacing the deteriorating sidewalk on the west side of the 37 East hill would cost $50,000. The village could bid out the sidewalk repair or include it in the ODOT’s SR 37 repaving bid and reimburse ODOT at its cost for the sidewalk replacement.

Hall also noted that the inability to locate a viable storm drop for runoff is slowing the parking lot project at 5 S. Columbus St.

Hall said there is a storm drop that water could be directed to, but there are drainage outlet problems along the storm sewer line the drop services.

“It’s old clay pipe that’s not in good condition,” Hall said. “We’re trying to find a feasible route.”

Hall said a new storm drop and routing water down to Evening Street would cost $60,000 to $70,000, added to the $90,000 parking lot budget.

“That storm sewer is 100 years old,” Hall said. “I’m worried if we pave that parking lot without a storm drop, runoff is going to end up on Cherry Street.”

Application should extend road life span

By Lenny C. Lepola

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093