Genoa Trustees approve Hawks Nest at Highland Lakes

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Hawks Nest street view.

Hawks Nest street view.

Courtesy Northgate Companies

Hawks Nest site plan.

Courtesy Northgate Companies

During a special Genoa Township Trustee Zoning Meeting on June 13, the Genoa Township Board of Trustees approved the Hawks Nest at Highland Lakes Planned Residential Development located on the southwest quad of the Worthington Road and Big Walnut Road intersection.

Hawks Nest at Highland Lakes is a joint venture project, with developer Pat Shivley & Hawks Nest Premier Living, LLC providing the infrastructure and Bob Webb Hawks Nest, LLC building 30 single-family condominiums.

During the trustee zoning meeting, Genoa Township Zoning Director Joe Shafer said the acreage and the layout had not changed from the plan presented during a rezoning hearing.

The 18.67-acre Hawks Nest at Highland Lakes project is a major divergence from the Genoa Township Comprehensive Plan’s minimum 25-acre requirement for a Planned Residential Development (PRD), Shafer said. He also noted that members of the Genoa Township Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the 30 single-family home condominium project during their May 17 meeting.

“The PRD divergence is appropriate and consistent with the land use goals of the township,” Shafer said. “The residential use is in keeping with the character of the surrounding land uses, especially the Highland Lakes development. The project matches the character of the area. White homes with black accents – a traditional neo-farmhouse design. It looks like a very nice product.”

Shafer said project’s 15.37 net developable acres and 1.95 units per acre net density remains unchanged; buffer, setback, minimum building size, and building height requirements have all been met. The project includes sidewalks on both sides of the street, easements for future sidewalk and trail connections, adequate street lighting, and significant mounding and tree plantings.

The final Hawks Nest at Highland Lakes site plan shows two access points – a main in/out access off of Worthington Road and an emergency-only access on Big Walnut Road. Code permits one major sign at the project’s entrance. Shafer said the developer had asked for an additional divergence, a second sign as a marketing tool at the Big Walnut Road emergency entrance.

The joint venture project was approved by the trustees two votes to three, with trustee Frank Dantonio offering the dissenting vote.

Dantonio said he was under the impression that the divergence for a second sign would have a separate up or down vote prior to the vote to approve the entire project.

“I cannot agree to the (second sign) divergence as it’s stated, and therefore I will not vote yes for the project because it’s rolled in together,” Dantonio said.

Trustee chair Connie Goodman said the Hawks Nest at Highland Lakes project has appealed to nearby neighbors since the site’s November 2017 rezoning from Rural Residential and Planned Community Facility to PRD.

“We’re all anxious to see this project get underway,” Goodman said following the meeting. “We know that nearby neighbors are also excited about the quality of homes going in there.”

Kirk Denyes, Bob Webb Director of Design & Development, said while the size and style of the homes are not limited to seniors, the single-family condominium arrangement would appeal to empty nesters.

“We thank the zoning commission and the board of trustees for their confidence in us and our product,” Denyes added. “We’re looking forward to building here in Genoa Township.”

Denyes said the project could get underway before the end of this year.

Hawks Nest street view. Nest street view. Courtesy Northgate Companies

Hawks Nest site plan. Nest site plan. Courtesy Northgate Companies

Submitted Story

Information for this story was provided by Northgate Companies.

Information for this story was provided by Northgate Companies.