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Some of you will remember the great philosopher Mungo Jerry when in 1970 he declared, “In the summer time when the weather is hot….” (Sorry if the chorus to that song gets stuck in your head.)

Well, it’s summertime in Genoa Township and the weather is living up to the song. It’s a busy time of year for families. In between summer sports, vacations, and yard work we hope you save some time to have fun close to home. It’s also an active time for the Township as we catch up on our outdoor work in order to keep the Township a Nice Place To Live:

Movie Night at McNamara Park continues to be a big family draw. The series kicked off in June, but there is still an opportunity to enjoy this popular event on August 18th featuring the movie Coco.

Activities at our parks are already in full swing. One thing you may notice over time is a more natural appearance to some of our park areas. We are expanding “no mow” and “limited mow” and wildflower planting areas in our parks. Between saving tax dollars and naturally beautifying the landscape, we think it’s a win-win.

Our trails have been busy – not quite Polaris Parkway busy, but close. Even with our ongoing maintenance and inspections, we ask your assistance in letting us know about potholes, debris on the trail and misuse. Remember there is a water station at the fire station to help keep you hydrated while enjoying the Genoa Trail as well as drinking fountains within the parks. Dogs are “family,” but we ask that you don’t allow your dog to drink directly out of the drinking fountains in the parks.

Our road crews are out patching and repairing Township streets. The Township is responsible for 90 miles of roadway. Maintenance of the roadways is an on-going and necessary challenge. We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced while repairs are made.

We often hear “the neighborhoods make the Township.” So, let us know if you have a block party or neighborhood parade planned – when available, our Fire Department and/or Police Department enjoy visiting with residents at these events.

Oh wouldn’t it be nice… if the Beach Boys were correct in declaring an “Endless Summer,” but we know it will fly by – so take Ella Fitzgerald’s advice it’s, “Summertime and the livin’ is easy” … or should be.


Water isn’t something most people give much thought to so long as it tastes good, looks good and is there when needed. Glenn Marzluf isn’t most people; as the General Manager and CEO of Del-Co Water, his career is dedicated to thinking about the safety, taste and availability of water.

As a Professional Engineer, Glenn pledged an oath to place public welfare above all other considerations. For Glenn and his team at Del-Co Water, this means delivering safe water to approximately 140,000 customers throughout an area so large it requires multiple water sources to serve.

The primary source of water delivered to faucets throughout Genoa Township is drawn from Alum Creek Reservoir before being carefully treated through a process that can take up to a year to go from the source to the customer. Del-Co Water Staff monitor potential sources of pollution upstream and keep an eye to weather forecasts to anticipate rain events that could carry those pollutants to intake pipes. When quality of the source water is acceptable, Del-Co draws raw water into a storage reservoir. Particles in the water begin to settle there before moving onto a mechanical and chemical treatment and filtration system. The result of this process is potable water so good that it has even won awards for its great taste.

While the treated water is good enough to drink, during summer months, most of it winds up sprinkled onto lawns. Irrigation causes a spike in water use so much so that Del-Co must plan decades ahead to keep pace with projected peak demand and growth in the region. Del-Co recently dedicated a new multimillion-dollar pump station located on the banks of the Scioto river in order to pipe up to 16 million gallons of raw water per day to their treatment plant located along State Route 315. To help keep water usage from spiking too severely, Glenn recommends that customers water their lawn with no more than one inch of water per week, taking rain into account.

To learn more about Del-Co Water visit


The United States Constitution, as well as Section 3521.03 of the Ohio Revised Code, require a special election be held to fill a vacancy in the United States Congress. The Special Congressional General Election is scheduled for August 7 to fill the seat of former United States Representative Pat Tiberi (12th District). Residents must be registered to vote 30 days in advance of the election (July 9) in order to cast a vote. To find your polling location visit


Evenings spent around the camp fire are a favorite summer activity, but before striking a match, review the rules surrounding outdoor recreational and cooking fires as regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) summarized below:

• Only clean, dry, seasoned firewood is permitted to be burned.

• Fires must be kept to 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high or smaller.

• Fires are not permitted while an air quality alert is in effect.

• Consult the Genoa Township Fire Department to receive permission prior to scheduling a ceremonial fire, or a fire recognized for horticultural, silvivulture, prairie management, invasive species management and wildlife control practices.

Open burning can release many kinds of toxic fumes; even burning leaves and plant material causes millions of spores to be sent aloft. Out of consideration for neighbors with allergies or asthma, please follow all open burning regulations. Violation of Ohio’s open burning laws can result in substantial penalties. More information on Ohio’s open burning laws can be found at: or contact the Genoa Township Fire Department at 614-568-2040.


With garage sale season underway, it is a good time to offer a reminder of signage regulations in order to keep Genoa safe and beautiful. Small temporary signs, which are defined as being eight square feet or less in size and four feet or less in height, should only be erected on private property with permission from the owner. Please place signs carefully to avoid obstructing the view of an intersection or traffic sign as doing so could pose a hazard to motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

Signs may be removed and disposed without notification when they are placed within a public park, on Township property, including the Genoa Trail, or within a public right of way. ‘Public right of way’ is a legal term used to describe the linear strips of land reserved for transportation and utility purposes. The width of this area can vary, but usually extends past the tree lawn and includes sidewalks, street lights, and utility poles or markers. Questions about these regulations or other signage requirements may be directed to the Development and Zoning Department at 614-899-0725.


Warmer weather has allowed crews to repair deep cracks on Slane Ridge, Sierra Drive, and Park Bend Drive. Additional road work will include resurfacing Sugar Maple Drive, Char-Mar Drive, and Indian Court at a date to be determined by the Delaware County Engineer’s contractor later this summer. The berm was improved along Big Walnut Road and recreational trails due for sealing are receiving attention. For a full list of road construction projects visit

Occasionally, the Maintenance Department receives calls about Rumpke missing collections; however, it is best to contact Rumpke directly at 1-800-828-8171 in this scenario. If calling after 5:00 p.m. leave a message including name, service address, call back number, and service request. If waste has not been collected by 6:00 p.m., please remove waste from the curb until the following Monday. Rumpke will send a crew to collect reported missed collections.


Remaining 2018 Holidays impacting collection schedule:

• Labor Day: Collection delayed until Saturday, September 8

• Thanksgiving Day: Collection delayed until Saturday, November 24

• Christmas Day: Collection delayed until Saturday, December 29

Due to the holiday, recycling and trash should be set out for collection on Friday evening for collection on Saturday beginning at 7:00 a.m.

Replacement of lost or damaged red recycling bins is no longer available for pick up at the Township Administrative Office. Instead, call the Maintenance Department at 614-568-2080 to request a new container.

Board of Trustees

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Trustee Frank Dantonio, Vice Chair 614-568-2026

Trustee Karl R. Gebhardt 614-568-2025

Fiscal Officer, Patrick Myers 614-568-2023

Paul Wise, Township Administrator 614-568-2021

Special to The Sunbury News

Provided by Genoa Township.

Provided by Genoa Township.