Hurricane Matthew disrupts travel

Staff Report

Hurricane Matthew is poised to hit popular vacation destinations in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. AAA Ohio booking data shows more than 100 Ohio travelers have planned vacations to these areas in the next week.

The storm is already causing cancelled flights, diverted cruise itineraries and has the potential to increase gas prices. AAA urges those who are planning a trip to the East Coast, or any other destination, to monitor the situation closely both during and after the storm.

Tips for Travelers:

Monitor weather conditions regularly, both at your departure city and destination.

Check your flight status before leaving for the airport. Consider signing up for text or mobile app alerts from your airline for the latest flight information.

Know your airline’s flight change and cancellation policies.

Travel with only a carry-on bag when flying to give you greater flexibility if your schedule changes due to delays or cancellations.

Pack “emergency” creature comforts with you like snacks, rain coats, and extra clothing, etc. A flashlight with extra batteries, radio and extra water are also good ideas.

Check with your travel agent and travel providers for cancellation policies and itinerary changes.

Heed all evacuation advisories and/or orders.

Travel After the Storm:

Those planning a trip to any of the areas affected by Matthew after the storm passes should make sure to ask very specific questions about the hotel accommodations and surrounding area. It isn’t enough to ask if the property is open. Instead, experts recommend asking the following:

Is the facility under reconstruction after the storm?

Are all of the facility’s amenities (work out facility, golf course, pool, etc.) up and running?

If I show up and I am not happy with the accommodations, will you refund my money or relocate me to a similar property?

Travelers can also ask their travel agent about options for alternative travel.

Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by AAA Ohio.

Information for this story was provided by AAA Ohio.