Telephone Scam Regarding Jury Service

The Delaware Municipal Court has received telephone calls from residents of Delaware County regarding a man impersonating a law enforcement officer, who accuses them of missing jury duty with the Delaware Municipal Court.

The scammer advises the victims that because they failed to appear for jury duty, an arrest warrant has been issued and they have to pay a $2,000 bond. The scammer then instructs the victims to meet him at the Municipal Court where they are to appear before a judge, and he will guide them through the legal procedures and pay the bond on their behalf.

Do NOT meet this individual at the Municipal court or agree to pay him anything.

Legitimate law enforcement officers cannot call and offer to meet you at a courthouse and guide you through legal procedures.

Delaware County residents who are actually summoned for jury service will receive a packet of information in the mail well in advance of their report dates.

Anyone who receives a telephone call like this is encouraged to contact your local law enforcement agency and report the information.