First quarter Kingston Township news

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This sign, off of 3 Bs & K road, says you are entering Kingston Township.

This sign, off of 3 Bs & K road, says you are entering Kingston Township.

Chairman’s Chat

By Steve Volpe, Trustees Chairman

Hello again. It has been a few years since I was your Trustee’s Chairman. I am very happy to assume the role again, and would like to say thank you to my fellow trustees for asking me to take on the responsibility. We are all grateful that you have selected us to represent you and your interests.

The residents of Kingston Township have been doing a wonderful job recycling; utilizing the metal bins located at our maintenance facility adjacent to the Blue Church Cemetery and curbside as part of residential refuse pickup. Recycling efforts reduce the impact of refuse going into landfills. One issue has been brought to our attention regarding metal recycling bin usage.

Despite instructions on the bins asking that plastic bags not be put in them, some users are ignoring the text and depositing all their recycled material into the bin in plastic bags. Placing a plastic bag full of recycled material in the bins defeats the whole purpose of recycling. When the bins are emptied by our partners at the DKMM Joint Solid Waste District, the recycled material is taken to a processing facility for sorting. Each plastic bag full of material has to be physically set aside so that someone can remove the material. If the facility does not have staff available, the entire bag goes to the landfill.

The Trustees encourage you to continue with your recycling efforts. If you do have the material in plastic bags, empty the contents into the bin and take the plastic bag home. To avoid having to deal with the plastic bags, many residents bring material to the bins in reusable containers.

As always, please feel free to call me with any concerns you have concerning Kingston Township at 740-965-1802, or e-mail me at It is a genuine honor to serve you.


The Trustees would like to recognize and thank all the Township Residents who exquisitely decorated their homes with outside lights for the Christmas Holiday! Each and every road had something worth seeing. While there were numerous homes that should be individually recognized, two of the more festive homes were on the corner of Carter’s Corner Road and State Route 521. A special thanks is extended to Zinn and Kreft families for their outstanding displays!


The Trustees would also like to sincerely thank Sandra Bradford on Wilson Road for donating the beautiful wreaths that were hung on the Blue Church Cemetery fence for the holidays.


Several of our township residents were recognized at the Keep Delaware County Beautiful Awards held on December 13, 2018 at the Stratford Ecological Center. The Beautification Award went to Daisy Troop #4863 for their work in weeding, planting and mulching the east entrance of the Blue Church Cemetery. The Troop also provided funding for flowers with money earned through the sale of Girl Scout cookies. The Garrison-Brown Award was given to Samantha Young for organizing a spring roadway clean up along Todd Street Road the last two years. This award is given to recognize initiative and significant environmental contribution to the community. Trustees Bill Shively and Steve Volpe attended the award ceremony in support of our award recipients from Kingston Township. The Trustees appreciate the service to our Township on the part of Daisy Troop and Samantha!


At their December 28, 2018 Organizational Meeting, a number of appointments and resolutions were passed for 2019 including: Steve Volpe elected Chairman; Bill Shively elected Vice-Chair; Dewey Akers elected Executive Member; Porter Kingston Fire District Board—Dewey Akers.

This sign, off of 3 Bs & K road, says you are entering Kingston Township. sign, off of 3 Bs & K road, says you are entering Kingston Township.

Special to The Sunbury News