Genoa Township Narrows Field for Trustee Appointment

Staff Report

As a result of Genoa Township Trustee Rick Carfagna’s election to the Ohio House of Representatives a process has begun to appoint his replacement. Qualified residents with an interest in carrying out Carfagna’s unexpired term from January 1-December 31, 2017 were asked to apply for the position by December 1.

The process resulted in 23 applicants who were reviewed by remaining Trustees Gebhardt and Dantonio. Narrowing the field of applicants, the trustees selected seven to move on to the next step in the appointment procedure. The seven finalists are as follows:

· DebbieLee Doughery

· Connie Goodman

· Mark Harmon

· Geoffrey Hetrick

· Shawn Priebe

· Jill Rudler

· Melissa Yost

“It was encouraging to see so many individuals who were qualified and enthusiastic to serve their community and it was a difficult process to identify the seven finalists,” said Trustee Dantonio. “Trustee Gebhardt and I will learn more about each finalist through the public presentations and interview processes as we continue to move forward to appointing Genoa Township’s next trustee.”

Finalists will have up to seven minutes to present their qualifications during a public meeting to be held on December 15, 2016 and will interview privately in Executive Sessions with Trustee Gebhardt and Dantonio. There will be no trustee discussion, questioning of the candidates or public comment at the December 15 meeting.

Residents of Genoa Township are encouraged to express their support or opposition of a finalist(s) in writing or verbally to Township Administrator, Paul Wise at and 614-568-2021. Comments will be compiled and shared with the Trustees.

Details of the Appointment Procedure can be reviewed online at Trustees Gebhardt and Dantonio’s goal is to appoint a new trustee by December 31, 2016. However, if the trustees cannot agree to a trustee appointment by January 30, 2017, the unresolved appointment will be submitted to the Delaware County’s Probate Judge for resolution as per Ohio law.

Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by Genoa Township.

Information for this story was provided by Genoa Township.