Genoa looking at on-street boat and RV parking


By Lenny C. Lepola -

Most Genoa Township residential development homeowners associations have language in their HOA deed restrictions that limit extended parking of recreational vehicles and boats in driveways and on development streets.

Although association members are sympathetic to folks needing to park RVs and boats in driveways while preparing for recreational journeys, they might object to driveways and streets being used for long-term storage.

Carrie Manno, a member of the Orchard Lakes Homeowners Association, has been working with Genoa Trustee Rick Carfagna, Genoa Zoning Inspector Joe Shafer, and Genoa PD Chief Steve Gammill to tighten an apparent loophole in her development’s Homeowners Association Agreement. The Orchard Lakes HOA Agreement prohibits long-term parking of RVs and boats in driveways, but has no restrictions for on-street parking.

“On-street parking has become a struggle with some of the residents in our subdivision, most recently recreational vehicles, and zoning is silent on the issue,” Manno said. “There are individual circumstances that have become chronic, using the streets for long-term permanent storage. It’s become a safety issue, but we’ve been working with Trustee Carfagna and we’re getting somewhere.”

Manno said the nearby Sherbrook development’s HOA deed restrictions has language about on-street parking, but that language is missing in the Orchard Lakes HOA Agreement, and Genoa’s zoning code is silent on the issue.

“The homeowners association deed restrictions says they cannot park RVs and boats in driveways, so they move them onto the street and it’s out of the homeowners association jurisdiction,” Carfagna said. “But then it’s in our jurisdiction.”

Carfagna said he is working on a third draft of a Genoa Zoning Code amendment that would address the situation.

“We’re not asking for any action tonight,” Carfagna said. “I want this to be as surgical as possible, not a township-wide issue. I want the homeowners associations to be able to come to us and ask for a solution.”

Carfagna said his draft zoning amendment shares responsibility with the HOAs. The homeowners associations would educate their residents about driveway and on-street RV and boat parking; the township would have to designate an option list of streets where restrictions could apply. The draft, if finalized and approved, would allow 48 consecutive hours of RV and boat on-street parking for a total of seven days a year.

“I was very sensitive to our staff in creating this draft,” Carfagna said. “Our police department has more important things to do than go around looking for people doing this.”

Carfagna said the draft document talks conceptually in addressing on-street, long-term RV and boat parking, and any final draft would be reviewed by the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office prior to review and an up or down vote by members of the Genoa Township Zoning Commission and trustees.

By Lenny C. Lepola

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.

Reporter Lenny C. Lepola can be reached at 614-266-6093.