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Chairman’s Corner

It is a very busy time in and around our township. New home construction has ramped up in Northstar and Bright Energy continues to extend gas lines well beyond their original plans.

And with all of this action comes some traffic concerns. A group of concerned residents on Wilson Road met with Sheriff Russ Martin to explain their concerns.

Speed, running of stop signs, and crossing the center line were some of the major issues discussed. The Sheriff has agreed to increase patrols on this road. In a more recent meeting, Sheriff Martin mentioned that the Ohio Highway Patrol will also increase their presence on Wilson Road. One of the biggest changes in enforcement will be to issue citations (tickets) instead of warnings. Be forewarned! If you are stopped on Wilson Road you can count a very expensive ticket.

If you are a Wilson Road resident or are affected by the increased traffic and would like to be involved with this effort, please contact Marcia Kiggins at 740-965-4445.

If you are like me, you are very glad the election is now behind us. That was just nasty. You may have noticed that the Big Walnut Schools Bond did not pass. The district population is booming. Everyone I have talked with acknowledges that expansion will be needed at some time, but it is a lot of money to say yes to. Hopefully the District can get something passed before interest rates and construction costs go crazy and it winds up costing all of us (in the Big Walnut District) far, far more.

As always, please feel free to call or email me with any concerns you have concerning Kingston Township. My phone number is 740-965-1802, and my email is I am here to serve and assist you.

BZA vacancies

An urgent need exists to fill two positions on the Board of Zoning Appeals. The first is a vacant Member Position with a term that runs through December 2019. The second is a vacant Alternate Position that runs through December 2020. A Member has full voting authority and an Alternate attends all meetings but only has voting authority in the absence of a Member.

The Board of Zoning Appeals is comprised of 5 Members and 1 Alternate and meets on an as needed basis hearing variance requests, appeal of orders issued by the Zoning Inspector, conditional use requests and revocation of authorized variances and conditional zoning certificates. The positions receive $40 compensation per meeting. The Board averages about 4-6 meetings per year.

Interested Kingston Township residents should submit a letter or e-mail of interest to the Zoning Office (

Appointments are made by the Township Trustees during their monthly meetings so applicant attendance at a meeting will be required.

Trash contract extended

The township refuse contract with Waste Management was extended for three years by the Kingston Township Trustees during their November 1, 2016 Monthly Meeting.

The current quarterly rate of $38.64 will remain the same for 2017 with a 2-percent raise in the rate for both 2018 and 2019.

During their deliberations, the Trustees agreed that initial service problems encountered during the change from Big O to Waste Management have been resolved. When investigating several recent service complaints brought to their attention, the Trustees found that the complainants had not paid their refuse bill or got their refuse to the curb late.

Because of the type of collection trucks (front open bin emptied overhead into the main compaction unit) used by Waste Management, the Trustees have received complaints about blowing loose trash along our roadways on collection day. The solution rests with all township residents where the Trustees ask that all loose trash be bagged instead of just piled in individual refuse cans.

For service contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018 or on-line at

Trash pickup days are Fridays: Dec. 16, 23, 30.

Zoning report

Permits — August To October

New Build Homes, 1

Accessory Structures, 7

Agricultural Exemptions, 2

Pools, 2


The Zoning Commission has approved Quarterly Meeting Dates for 2017 to be held on the second Wednesdays: February 8; May 10; August 9; and November 8. This is a change from 2016 where meetings were held on the first Wednesday of the designated month.

At the request of the Trustees, the Zoning Commission is considering language changes to Section 7.05 (B) of the Zoning Resolution. Under current language, outdoor storage of trailers of any type, boats, motor homes, buses and equipment of any type for a period exceeding 14 days during any calendar year is prohibited if visible from any adjoining property or roadway.

The Commission is discussing potential language changes that more accurately reflects the rural character of the township and resident preferences. The Zoning Resolution is located online under the Zoning Tab.

If you have any suggestions or comments to share with the Zoning Commission regarding the language changes, please contact the Zoning Office by telephone or by email.

Roads, cemeteries

Just A Reminder: Contractors or homeowners planning any work (including excavation and driveway culvert pipes) within the township roadway right-of-way must obtain a permit from Kingston Township prior to initiating any work.

Please contact Roadway Superintendent Doug Crowl at 740-815-8427. Township roads include Todd Street, Blue Church, Rosecrans, Twigg Hupp, Clark, Blayney, Wilson, Stockwell (portion), Beacom (portion), Berkshire (portion) Roads and Basham and Wildwood Lanes.

A number of township roadway improvement projects were completed during the summer months including:

  • Culvert replacement and drainage work on Beacom Road
  • Culvert replacement on Blue Church Road between Wilson and Rosecrans Road
  • Culvert replacement and drainage work on Blayney Road
  • Chip/seal resurfacing and fog coating on Wildwood Lane
  • Grader paving repair to repair sections of Beacom and Blue Church Roads
  • Chip/seal resurfacing to the main Blue Church Cemetery roadway
  • Pavement repair on west end of Wilson Road

The Ohio Department of Transportation reopened State Route 521 ahead of schedule in late October after completing bridge deck improvements.

Repaving and re-striping of Kilbourne Road was completed by the Delaware County Engineer also in late October. The Trustees and residents of Kingston Township again thank County Engineer Chris Bauserman and his staff for the safety improvements to Kilbourne Road.

The township has again applied for grant funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission to widen and resurface Blue Church Road from State Route 521 north to the turnaround at Interstate 71.

If approved, the project funding will come from the grant, the Delaware County Engineers Office and Kingston Township.

During the quarter, one internment was made in the Blue Church Cemetery, two monument foundations were ordered and one plot was sold.

There was one culvert permit issued during the period.

Kingston’s sawmills

Prior to 1880, there were two water-driven sawmills in Kingston Township both located on Little Walnut Creek. The first mill was built by Leonard Lott in 1819 just east of where Blue Church Road crosses the creek.

With the leaves dropping, look to the east when crossing the creek on the bridge and you will see a large boulder in the middle of the creek.

This is the approximate location of the mill pond dam which impounded water to power the mill.

The second mill was built by Peter Van Sickle in about 1830 and reportedly located north of Wilson Road about a half-mile west of State Route 61.

Both mills used vertical blades about five-to-seven-feet in length that sawed in a reciprocating motion leaving up/down striations on the lumber cut.

These blades remained in use until the invention of the circular saw blade just prior to the Civil War.

Lumber from the mills was mainly cut in the spring each year when the creek water flow was adequate to operate the water wheel. The Van Sickle Mill produced lumber until about 1840 which then left only the Lott Mill in use.

Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by Steve Volpe, Trustees Chairman.

Information for this story was provided by Steve Volpe, Trustees Chairman.