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The February 2nd meeting of the Board of Trustees began with remarks from Board Chair, Trustee Karl Gebhardt regarding the state of Genoa Township, reflecting on 2016 and looking forward to the remainder of the year to come.

“Our residents expect a high level of service: plowing snow, fighting fires, arresting bad guys, building and maintaining roads, providing trails and parks, and managing tax dollars wisely,” said Karl Gebhardt, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

“The Trustee’s goal is always to do these things without the residents having to worrying if they would get done. Credit goes to our employees, volunteers and the taxpayer support that continued to make 2016 a very good year in Genoa Township.”


• The Township continues to be on sound financial ground, but fiscal oversight continues to be a top priority, evaluating programs, monitoring budget stability and evaluating the structure of Levy and General funds.

• In 2016 Genoa Township enrolled in the Ohio Open Checkbook program through the Ohio Treasure of States’ Office. This program catalogs expenditures made by the Township and makes them easy to view and search on the Township’s website.


• Electric and Natural Gas Aggregation programs were initiated in 2016 after voter approval. Over 4234 (approximately half) of all households participate in one or both programs resulting in a savings on their gas and electric bills.

• A facilities assessment and an IT assessment were completed. As a result, work is anticipated to take place in 2017 to improve or replace facilities for the police department and also for equipment storage. Additionally, IT system updates are needed to address current security threats as well as to make information more accessible to the public.


• 2016 marked the township’s bicentennial year which provided an opportunity to reflect and celebrate. McNamara barn was painted with a bicentennial logo to memorialize this significant year.

• A combination of trail and sidewalks were constructed along Maxtown Road between Tussic and Sunbury Roads. This new connection will provide a route to Hoover Reservoir and a second link into the Westerville trail system once Sunbury Road improvements are complete.

• Permanent restrooms and drinking fountains were installed at McNamara and Center Green Parks.


• After more than a year of planning with community stakeholders, an updated comprehensive Land Use Plan was approved, providing a blueprint for development and land use.

• The Trustees tasked the Zoning Commission to embark on a review and update of the Zoning Resolution in 2017 through a public process.


• A traffic signal at State Route 3 and Plumb Road was installed by ODOT for the safety of drivers at what once was the most dangerous intersection in the township.

• Re-surfacing was completed on Sunbury Road and State Route 3 and improvements were made to Maxtown Road.

• Rookery Way was rebuilt by the Township in Medallion Estates.

• Major drainage improvements were made to reduce flooding on Ruckmoor Drive, Charles and Paul Roads.

• Delaware County began work on safety and efficiency improvements at Worthington and Big Walnut Roads.

• Delaware County and the City of Westerville began work widening Sunbury Road south of Maxtown, a primary point of entry into Genoa Township.

• Designs were created by Delaware County to improve the intersection of Mt. Royal and Old 3C with construction occurring in 2017-2018.


• The Police Department was awarded CALEA re-certification which recognizes high standard for law enforcement, training and management.

• The Police Department issued 3,234 warnings; 757 citations and responded to 8,986 calls for service.

• A new K-9 team was formed, funded through private contributions.

• The Fire Department responded to 1,939 fire and EMS calls.

• An EMS billing program was studied in order to increase funding to the Fire Department without increasing costs to residents. To do so, insurance companies may be billed for funds already set aside as required by Ohio law for emergency transport and patient care. Township residents would continue to receive EMS care as usual, without any out of pocket expense.


Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by Genoa Township.

Information for this story was provided by Genoa Township.