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Sen. Brown has a proven record of producing results for the citizens of Ohio by working with his colleagues in Congress, both Republican and Democrat.

In November, Medill News Service released an article that ranked Sen. Brown fourth on its list of senators with the most laws passed during the last congress. Sen. Brown sponsored or co-sponsored more than 20 bills that were enacted into law.

By reaching across the aisle, Sen. Brown is able to successfully pass legislation that will benefit Ohioans. For example, Sen. Brown worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass a new law to support veterans and their families. President Obama signed the Veterans Health Care and Benefits Act into law in December, helping to protect our nation’s heroes and honor them with the benefits they deserve.

Doing right by veterans is not a democratic issue or a republican issue, it’s an American value. It’s our responsibility. This law will serve as an example of the important work that can get done to actually make life better for the people we work for – but only when both parties work together.

Sen. Brown also joined Sen. Rob Portman in leading a group of colleagues in a letter to Speaker Ryan and other leaders in the House and Senate demanding they restore Buy America to recent water infrastructure legislation, a provision that requires American-made steel and iron be used for certain tax-payer funded construction projects.

While the measure was left out of the final bill, Sen. Brown will continue to work with his colleagues in Congress and the Administration to ensure American tax dollars should go toward American-made products that support American jobs. Sen. Brown is calling on President-elect Trump to keep his pledge to buy American products and hire American labor for his proposed infrastructure plan.

Sen. Brown will always put Ohio first and serve all Ohioans by working with members of both parties to achieve results.

Joining Community Leaders for “My Brother’s Keeper” Mentoring Program Update in Columbus

Ohio is losing future doctors, engineers, teachers, and entrepreneurs because of an opportunity gap. In October, Sen. Brown met with program leaders, mentors and mentees to hear updates on the progress of the Columbus My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. My Brother’s Keeper, launched by President Obama, is a national initiative to address the opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color, and to ensure all young people reach their full potential. The Columbus My Brother’s Keeper initiative works to connect students with community leaders through mentoring relationships and educational events. My Brother’s Keeper is about building strong children, who will grow into leaders of the future, and who won’t be bound by a society that has too often been set up to hold them back.

Bipartisan Effort to Lower Costs of Life-Saving Drugs

Ohioans facing serious and chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, and cancer should not have to worry that the cost of drugs will bankrupt them or keep them from getting the treatment they need. Sen. Brown outlined a new bipartisan effort to help lower prices of life-saving drugs used to treat diseases like cancer and arthritis. In Columbus, Sen. Brown discussed how his proposal would help make drugs more affordable and save taxpayers billions of dollars. In the same way that generics entering the market helped increase competition and boost access to more affordable prescription drugs, Brown’s bill would make clinically safe and effective versions of biologics called “biosimilars” available, providing additional competition in the marketplace and making life-saving drugs more affordable for consumers.

Visiting Mid-Ohio Foodbank in Grove City

As paychecks fail to keep pace with the rising cost of living, Ohio’s great food banks step in to fill the void. No Ohio family should go hungry—during the holidays, or any time of the year. Before Thanksgiving, Sen. Brown visited the Mid-Ohio Foodbank to highlight the need for support for local foodbanks and his continued support for federal funding of programs that increase Ohioans’ access to nutritious meals. Brown helped volunteers sort and pack food donations received by the Foodbank.

Announcing Federal Funding to Help Combat the Opioid Epidemic

“We must build on this bipartisan effort to provide ongoing support for treatment centers, families, and healthcare providers so we can make a real impact on those who’ve been hurt by this public health emergency,” said Sen. Brown.

After visiting Columbus this summer to call on increased federal funding to combat the opioid epidemic, Sen. Brown announced the 21st Century Cures Act was recently signed into law. The law would direct funding to states like Ohio who’ve been the hardest hit by the opioid crisis. This long overdue investment in this public health crisis will send help their way by prioritizing grant money for states like Ohio that most need resources. Sen. Brown remains committed to passing legislation he outlined this summer that would help address the opioid epidemic from prevention to recovery, filling in gaps that would help: boost prevention, improve tools for crisis response for those who fall through the cracks, expand access to treatment, and provide support for lifelong recovery.

Helping Ohio constituents

Sen. Brown is committed to assisting Ohioans who have encountered difficulties with federal matters. Ohioans can call Sen. Brown’s state offices and work directly with a constituent services representative to obtain information or resolve an issue they are having with a federal agency. Common areas of inquiry include: Social Security and Medicare benefits, veterans’ benefits, military service issues, passport or visa problems, housing matters, IRS issues, and more.

For example, a central Ohio constituent contacted Sen. Brown’s office after trying for months to get his military records from the National Personnel Records Center. Approximately one month after contacting the National Personnel Records Management Center, Sen. Brown’s office received the records and passed them along to the constituent. Military records help veterans obtain health care, veterans benefits, and can potentially highlight awards or medals the veteran deserves.

Central Ohioans can contact Sen. Brown’s office by calling 614-469-2083.


Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by Brown’s office.

Information for this story was provided by Brown’s office.