Daylight Saving Time is also time to change batteries

By Lenny C.Lepola -

Fire prevention is all about smoke detection alarms.

“Smoke alarms should be tested once a month, and batteries changed two times each year,” BST&G Chief Jeff Wilson said. “Each time we change to or from Daylight Savings Time we should put new batteries in all smoke alarms in our homes.

“Our response time, depending on how far out we have to go, is two to five minutes,” Wilson said. “It’s imperative that people get out of buildings, and stay out, so we can concentrate on containing a fire instead of going in and looking for someone who hasn’t left a building.”

Wilson said when a smoke alarm goes off, get out, call 911, and stay out.

Historically, Sunbury had a fire department dating back to the 1800’s. Galena had its own fire department until 1972. All that adjacent townships could do in a fire emergency was depend on their neighbors for help. In 1952, the Berkshire, Sunbury, Trenton Fire Department was formed. When the Village of Galena Fire Department dissolved, Galena came on board.

BST&G operates out of a facility located at 350 W. Cherry Street, Sunbury. The building contains a garage, day room, equipment storage areas, and office space. The department dispatches through Delaware County 911.

By Lenny C.Lepola