Harlem Twp. says ‘no’ to single trash hauler

By Lenny C. Lepola - For The Gazette

Harlem Township residents have spoken loud and clear — they want to choose their own trash hauler.

Harlem Township trustees have been exploring using a single trash-hauling firm for all township residences. However, past attempts to contract with a single hauler have not been successful.

To better understand the needs of the township in regards to a consolidated trash service, trustees formed a trash committee. The trash committee spent 45 days investigating and interviewing major trash services, the benefits of a single hauler using township roads, and also considered township residents’ opinions.

Committee members reported that the benefits to Harlem Township residents of a single trash hauler were lower rates with more features and fewer trucks on the road, reducing traffic and wear on the roads.

However, the lowest rates with the best benefits would require 100 percent residential participation. In addition, no proven data or monetary savings was presented to the committee validating the perceived benefit of road repair savings.

The overwhelming response of township residents via emails, phone calls and township meetings was to allow them to continue choosing their own preferred trash hauler.

Due to the majority of the township residents being against a single trash hauler, the trash committee has voted not to pursue the issue any further. The committee disbanded pending further interest or new data on the issue.

Trustees agreed not to pursue a single trash hauler for township residents.

By Lenny C. Lepola

For The Gazette

The story was culled from minutes of the July 15 Harlem Township trustees’ meeting.

The story was culled from minutes of the July 15 Harlem Township trustees’ meeting.