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Tiberi Statement on House Passage of AHCA

Congressman Pat Tiberi released the following statement after the House passed the American Health Care Act (May 4):

“Obamacare is failing and it is leaving people with higher costs, fewer choices and unreliable care. With the American Health Care Act, we are providing relief from these pervasive problems that are hurting Americans from all walks of life.

“Today’s vote is one part in our multi-step approach to carefully transition to a patient-centered system where people have better access to quality care at a price they can afford. It ensures that no one can be denied coverage based on preexisting conditions. It will also give states additional flexibility and resources to meet the health care needs of their populations if they show they can drive down costs and boost coverage.

“This fight to fix our health care system isn’t over. As the Senate considers the reforms in AHCA, I urge my colleagues in the House and the Trump administration to continue to focus on additional steps we can take to restore the free market, increase choices, lower costs and put Medicaid on a sustainable financial path so it is available for the most vulnerable patients. After seven years of Obamacare’s broken promises, my constituents and all Americans deserve no less.”

Don’t Believe the Fear-Mongering. Our Plan Has

Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

In an attempt to induce panic, Congressional Democrats—blindly echoed by some in the media—have begun to assert the false narrative that the American Health Care Act won’t cover people with preexisting conditions. This is a completely dishonest distortion of the truth that is being used demagogically to defeat efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare not with arguments, but with fear.

It is a clear and simple fact that Obamacare’s federal mandates are not the only way to cover people with preexisting conditions. In fact, by forcing insurers out of the marketplace, Obamacare will de facto leave people with and without pre-existing conditions uncovered. After all, if nobody is left to sell insurance in the individual market, people won’t have insurance, no matter what the letter of the law says.

The American Health Care Act will cover people with preexisting conditions. Here’s how:

  • Competition and market forces will lower premiums, making health care easier for people to afford.
  • Those who still have trouble affording health care will receive refundable tax credits according to their need to help them purchase insurance.
  • Nobody will be charged higher premiums if they keep up their coverage.
  • Nobody can be denied coverage.

And for all the concern about states receiving waivers from Obamacare regulations, every state that makes that choice will receive hundreds of millions of dollars to fund high-risk pools that cover costs for those with preexisting conditions—including $8 bullion provided for in the Upton amendment, set aside to bring down premiums and out-of-pocket costs for the small group that could have fallen into the gap.

That isn’t just protection for people with preexisting conditions—that’s a five-layer defense. To claim or imply that our plan doesn’t cover preexisting conditions is a lie. The American Health Care Act will cover those with preexisting conditions while decreasing the cost of health care overall and resurrecting an insurance marketplace that provides people choices they can afford. That’s much better than Obamacare’s dead-letter deal.

My vote on Trumpcare by Tim Ryan

Today I cast my vote against Trumpcare, which rips health insurance from 24 million Americans.

But despite our best efforts, 217 Republicans rammed this disastrous health care bill through.

Remember: Every single member of Congress who just voted for Trumpcare will face voters in 2018. The sooner we prepare for those elections, the more we can hold them accountable.

Chip in now to help me support Democratic candidates, so that Republicans who just voted for Trumpcare pay the price at the ballot box.

… The last time Democrats controlled the House of Representatives, we raised the minimum wage, made HUGE investments in infrastructure, and extended health insurance to more than 20 million Americans.

Since Republicans have been in charge? Not only have we had the least productive Congress in decades, they’ve been pushing bill after bill that hurt working Ohioans. Trumpcare is just the latest one.

That’s why I’m going to do everything my power to support pro-worker Democrats in 2018 — folks like our great Senator Sherrod Brown, but also challengers to those 217 members of Congress who just cast a reckless, disgraceful vote for Trumpcare.

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