Statement from Gov. Kasich on Paris Climate Agreement

Staff Report

Following the President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, Gov. Kasich issued the following statement:

“Rather than withdrawing the United States from the climate agreement and relinquishing our historic role of world leadership, the Trump Administration should have worked to improve the treaty from within.

Let’s be clear. I wasn’t happy with the original agreement, especially in light of the Obama administration’s failure to work with Republicans in Congress on terms acceptable to both parties.

But, I know that climate change is real. It is a global issue and will need a global agreement to address. And we could have negotiated that agreement in ways that would not needlessly destroy jobs.

The Trump Administration could have shown leadership by working to improve the agreement:

• The largest emitters of greenhouse gases could have been asked to commit to concrete, obligatory reductions in emissions;

• The agreement could have targeted the root cause of global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, instead of an indirect measure such as aggregate global temperature; and

• More thorough analysis of the costs and the benefits could have provided greater assurance that jobs were not unnecessarily being put at risk.

A properly negotiated agreement could actually have ended up driving innovation and creating jobs.

By withdrawing from the agreement, the Administration has passed up an opportunity both to expand U.S leadership in clean energy technology and to create well-paid American jobs with a future.”

Staff Report