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Staff Report

Did you know our township is just 30 years younger than our country? As the United States celebrated its’ 241st birthday in 2017, Berkshire turns 211. We know there were times when Americans wondered if the country would survive, especially as we suffered through a Civil War, but here we are looking towards the future.


Rod Myers, Bill Holtry and Mike Dattilo, Township Trustees

Calendar Of Events

All the events listed on the Calendar of Events are held at the Berkshire Township Hall, 1454 Rome Corners Road Galena, OH 43021 unless otherwise noted.

JULY 2017

Thursday, July 13, 6:30 p.m. Zoning Meeting, Special Meeting to review the Comprehensive Plan. Open to the public.

Wednesday, July 19, 7 p.m. BZA Meeting. Open to the public.

Monday, July 26, 7 p.m. Trustee Meeting, Open to the public.


Thursday, August 3, 7 p.m. Zoning Meeting. Open to the public.

Monday, August 7, 7 p.m. Board of Trustees Meeting. Open to the public.

Pollinator Garden is on its’ way

If you haven’t been by the Township Hall in the past week then you haven’t seen the garden that is well underway. Perennials were purchased, thanks in part to the grant from The Master Gardeners of Delaware County, and many, many hours of time have been donated by Bill and Susan Holtry to get everything planted. It is just the beginning – much more to come.

A special thanks, also, goes to the Township Maintenance Team who did the hard work of preparing the beds and paths. What was once an empty field is on the way to being a park Berkshire residents can be proud to call their own.

Check for Ticks

Last month we reminded everyone about the importance of preventing mosquitoes from breeding in yards. Just dumping standing water on a weekly basis will interrupt the breeding cycle and reduce their numbers. Make sure your property is free of stagnant water in flower pots, bird baths, tarps, gutters and other places where it can collect.

This month, we’re talking about ticks. Yuck. Ticks are tiny creatures that make many of us squirm just thinking abut them.

The Health Department has provided some helpful cards which may be obtained at the Township Hall, and they give great information on what to look for and what to DO if you find a tick on yourself or your pet.There are lots of old wives tales about how to best remove a tick. These cards put those myths to rest with specific, safe instructions and advice. Stop at the Township Hall and get your card. They are free while supplies last.

More Improvements at Berkshire Cemetery

As we mentioned last month the Trustees have added a water faucet at the far west end of the cemetery, along the drive. Now we’ve installed two benches as well for the comfort and convenience of cemetery visitors.

Photos wanted

We’re interested in acquiring some vintage images of Berkshire Township. We don’t need your originals, but if you have photos of scenes in the township with historic buildings, farm equipment, family members, etc. and you’d be willing to have them reproduced and hung in the Township Hall, we’d love to talk. Please contact Shawna at 614-369-2601 or at

Doggie Waste Stations Added to Township Trail

Two of the township’s four-legged residents were caught recently checking out the new waste receptacles which were added to the walking trail on Rome Corners. More folks are bringing their dogs when they visit and the trustees want to be sure there are adequate facilities for people to pick up after their animals. There are three waste stations, and we appreciate your efforts to keep the trail nice for everyone.

Staff Report

Information for this story was provided by the Township’s newsletter.

Information for this story was provided by the Township’s newsletter.