The Village of Sunbury Police Department is considering starting a canine program as we feel it is a much-needed tool. The canine we are considering would be a dual-purpose canine that would do narcotic detection, tracking and apprehension work.

Narcotic Detection would allow us the ability to locate and remove several different narcotics on a street-level basis as well as large-scale. We have recently had an incident where a vehicle was stopped within the Village of Sunbury for a headlight violation. The operator of the vehicle was given a warning for the infraction and released. The vehicle was then stopped in a jurisdiction in Franklin County for the same violation by a canine unit. The Officer had the canine do a sniff of the vehicle and 2 lbs. of methamphetamine was located inside the vehicle.

Tracking would allow the Police Department the ability to follow the path of a missing child or fleeing suspect. We have had situations ranging from a child wandering off from a residence to robbery suspects fleeing from a scene.

Apprehension work would allow the canine to assist in building searches in locating suspects who may enter a residence or business and then hide to avoid being caught. The canine would increase the chances of locating an individual who has hidden in a crawlspace or other hard-to-see areas.

The cost to start this program with the canine, training and needed equipment would be in the range of $10,000 to $12,000 as we currently have no equipment for the program.

We are reaching out to different organizations to see if there is any willingness or interest in assisting with starting this program up again. We are trying to obtain these funds through donations and would appreciate anything your organization could help with. If this is not something your organization is interested in helping with we completely understand.

Thanks for your time on this matter,

Robert E. Howard

Chief of Police


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