ARCHIVE 2014: Pool at Mingo to be deepened

By Gary Budzak

The Delaware City Council recently approved increasing the depth of the Jack Florance Pool at Mingo Park after Labor Day.

The project would increase the depth of the west end of the competition pool near the starting blocks from four feet to seven feet to address safety concerns.

According to the legislation, “it has been determined that the pool depth at the Jack Florance Swimming Pool is not sufficient for safe utilization of starting blocks during competitive swim meets and practices.”

Last October, Bill Rietz, head senior swimming coach of the Delaware Aquatic Racing Team Stingrays, told Council that increasing the depth would help prevent injuries when the swimmers dive head first into the water from the starting blocks. He said that increasing the depth would bring Delaware in line with other central Ohio communities, and could allow the city to host more swim meets.

On October 28, 2013, Council initially approved funding to increase the depth, but the project was not included in the Appropriation Budget. On July 14, Council unanimously approved the re-appropriation of the $200,000 needed for the project.

City Manager Tom Homan said the project would go out to bid on Aug. 5, with construction taking place the week of Sept. 1, after the pool closes for the season. The work is expected to be completed by Memorial Day 2015, when the pool opens back up.

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