BW Self Storage expanding

Big Walnut Self Storage at 610 Kintner Parkway is growing. Owner Tonya Harris was at last Monday evening’s Village of Sunbury Planning & Zoning Commission meeting for an informal discussion about plans to add two buildings to the site.

Mike Harris, speaking for Tonya, said she plans to adhere to the site’s 25-foot green space setback and 65-foot building setback. The majority of the site is not buildable due Columbus Power easements.

A concrete pad would be added to the site, and a 25-foot to 27-foot distance would be maintained between buildings for vehicle access.

The backside of one building would be along the edge of the power line easement. Village solicitor David Brehm said Sunbury Industrial Park’s zoning requires fire department access on two sides for buildings exceeding 5,000 square feet.

“Find out if you can extend the concrete pad into the easement,” Brehm said. “Most easements are for above ground structures.”

Asked about the project’s timeline, Mike Harris said about one year.

“We’re having preliminary discussions with the builder,” Harris said. “We just wanted to know what we could and couldn’t do.”